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I have been curious about these DVDs for some time and finally got them all for Christmas. I was impressed with the preview on the website (Extinct-Attractions-Club.Com) and was looking forward to seeing the DVDs. For those of you who aren't familiar with them, they are compiled by a "professional film editor" and culled from vacation footage, archival footage, stills, etc. Many of the more recent DVDs have "bonus audio". I have to say that across the board, the DVDs are mediocre. I'm sure it's due to the fact that he must use the best available footage and usually that means someone's shaky vacation video. The Adventure Thru Inner Space "ride thru" is almost all dark...nothing visible, just the soundtrack playing over a black screen. The earlier ones have some interesting footage...ie. The Mine Train, Rocket to the Moon, etc. But the later ones, despite more features, seem pretty slapped together. The audio extras are of rather poor quality with drop outs throughout. This seems strange in light of the fact that these are files that we've all heard and exist everywhere in better quality. Don't buy them for the audio extras! Of course this is probably a venture that will improve as more people become aware of it and submit better (and more varied) footage. You can console yourself in the fact that the money goes to charity, unless you buy them on ebay, where they're popping up with more frequency. Don't look for that great theme park re-experience here. Just my two cents.


I also have all the DVDs, and I have really enjoyed them. I agree that many of sound files are of lesser quality, but I guess the video footage was pretty much what I expected. Some are better than others, but they really brought back memories of some great old attractions for me.

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I think that should be the next big thing: The Virtual Attraction Tour DVD. It could be like the HM 30th anniversary CD but include visual as well as audio. You could have all sorts of making of stuff, history, trivia, detailed ride throughs, as well as all the audio that's on the CD's. Or...

Think about this: What if instead of ANOTHER Haunted Mansion event, Disneyland held a Back to Inner Space Event. One night only. Attendees gathered to meet Imagineers who sit in recreated Atommobiles and tell the history and facts of the attraction. The audience then dons WDI's Virtual Reality helmets (from the old Aladdin's Magic Carpet VR thing; are there any plans for that outside Disney Quest?) and are plunged into the world of Adventure Through Inner Space, from Queue to exit. Using state of the art Computer Graphics it would totally be possible to recreate this attraction.The possibilities are endless. Then they could sell a DVD or CD afterwords. I think this would be awesome.


I have most of their offerings and am happy with them. I didn't expect anything but, as someone stated earlier, shaky home video with some decent sounds.

Well, I was surprised at the fact that there is some historical voiceover material done (not great, but informative) and some great old video of things that I hardly remember or never saw.

I grew up in Southern California and now make South Florida home, so I'm a fan of anything Disney Park related and this is just another way to spend time in the parks when I'm not there. ;D