Expedition Everest BGM

Does anybody have any information regarding this loop? I'm listening to a file that clocks in at 1:12:44. I've heard the overall theming of this attraction is fabulous and perhaps the best at WDW (I still think the ToT takes that prize); this loop certainly fits with the pictures and video I've seen of the attraction.

Any and all information is appreciated.


It was recorded via induction in July 2006 and it is complete. Other than that I don't know anything about the songs, etc. Sorry


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I have sent two separate emails to Disney asking for a track listing, but have not had a response. Given the lapse in time, I don't expect to hear anything.


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Not much, but a start. I have two tracks identified:

"Leading the Path of Non-Violence"

Artist: Nawang Khechog
CD: Rhythms of Peace

"The Celebration"

Artist: Jeff Beal & Nawang Khechog
CD: Tibet - Cry of the Snow Lion (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)