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Wrong!! The exit music from New Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is an extraordinary orchestral piece running 2:55. Most people never hear it because they are out of the auditorium before it even starts! One of my great frustrations, besides the lack of an official release of this music, is that the composer has never been identified. But the score bears a certain resemblance to some of Joel McNeely's work, especially his scores to Buffalo Soldiers and Sally Hemings. Does anyone know who represents McNeely?

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There is the track Dr. Know mentions, that plays as the exit Music for Mr. Lincoln. This is heard in the theater after the lights come up. Then as you enter the large spill area with the Fifth Freedom Mural you hear the Load music playing, that you heard as you entered the theater. There is a short hallway that connects the theater to the Spill area, and I don't quite remember which of those 2 pieces play there. Many people moving from one area to another don't realize that they are hearing 2 distinct pieces of music.


Wow, that's a new one on me XS-tech.! I need to go back and listen to my recordings. I stood through several cycles in the mural room and noticed it does seem to be short. As I recorded the entire attraction several times including Walt's Story (a time consuming thing because I had to edit three films to make one good one), I need to pay more attention to my entry into the theater so I can hear the longer version of the music! It could be possible because the music does end outside not long after everyone walks by and while the complete track is playing inside. If this is so, the illusion is good because the tracks are in sync, kind of like the dumbo music box in fantasyland that plays in sync with the recording of itself in fantasyland.

Dr. Know

BIG news! I posted an inquiry over at the Film Score Monthly message boards, asking if anyone could confirm with Joel McNeely that he was the composer of the score for this attraction. One of the board members who knows the composer emailed him and confirmed what I have suspected: Joel McNeely is indeed the composer of New Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

NOW, if we can just get some of this magnificent music released.. the exit music would make a mighty nice addition to the 50th anniversary set, Randy! ;D


^Check out his site everyone...

Unbelievable how many little snippets of music you can get from his site, and he has done a lot of great work.
So much for asking for a release...just and go and download what you like!!!


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Why is his music different that other composers who, as I understand, say they cannot release music due to contractual reasons?