Everyday's a Holiday in Disneyland USA


Hey Disneyland music fans. check out my new slide show on YouTube...

It's accompanied by the song "Every Day's a Holiday" from Holiday Time at Disneyland circa 1962. At the very beginning of the video, there is a little skip in the music - but that is not how it was posted, YouTube just messed it up I guess. :( I am going to try posting it again soon to see if it will work right. Let me know what you all think. If you like I can make some more with other songs. I am still experimenting with this so I hope to improve the quality of my postings with more practice.

I also have a slide show video that I made of Storybookland.

I am doing the narration myself. I used the instrumental version of All in the Golden Afternoon from the Alice in Wonderland dark ride and tried to recreate the actual experience of the ride. I may have the spiel a little off. I wrote it out from memory best as I could remember it. Some of you may have already seen the Storybookland, it has been posted for a long time. The other one is brand new.