Esplanade Questions


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I would like to know a little more information about the sources of some of the Esplanade tracks.

First of all, is the version of "Time of Your Life" from the Bug's Land loop? I assume it's music that's created specifically for the park because I can't find the same version anywhere on the web. I do have a recording that I found on youtube that I've used as a comparison, but the quality is pretty low. Any information on this would be appreciated.

Second, is the "California Girls" track from the King Triton's Carousel of the Sea loop, as my information indicates, or is it from the boardwalk loop? If it is from the carousel, does anyone know of a high-quality recording out there?

Lastly, what exactly are the sources of the Indiana Jones and Star Wars tracks? Are they from the movie soundtracks, or the Imagineering the Dream tracks?

It would be awesome if anybody could point me in the right direction with these, and any help is wanted and appreciated. Thanks :)