EPCOT Spaceship Earth Music/Narration

Sure thing. I have the master Irons narration and the music loops separate from each other. IM me at terrence68 for it and anything else you might be looking for...

I agree! A 20th Anniversary EPCOT Box Set would be SUPERB!!


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I have been looking for the Jeremy Irons narration for a few years. All I have been able to find is taped ride throughs that are of poor quality. Is there any way I could get a copy? The music tracks are available on the Sound of Magic website and are excellent quality.


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I have the same mp3 with the Jeremy Irons narration, and I too would like to have it both ways, if possible.

And yes, I would love to have a 20th anniversary Epcot cd packed with attraction music.... well, I can dream, can't I?

As I said, IM me at terrence68 with AIM. If you don't have it download it at www.aim.com . I have a master Jeremy Irons narration for anyone who'd like a copy :D

Id hate to burst your bubble but the narration isnt of master quality at all, actually the recording is overdriven to the point it distorts. Its a simple recording job over the speaker that sits in the headrest(No music comes through with the headrest which makes it pretty simple to record just the vocal elements of the attraction) You can tell due to the quality of the track as well as the dropouts that frequently occur. I have a few clips of the actual master recording (with musical elements) that Ive picked up from various places. If I could find this whole thing Id be in heaven...Though what terrence is talking about is currently the best available. Unfortunately it drops out at various points.

Sure, it was recorded...but it doesn't sound bad at all! Compare it to the live...WOW! :eek:

Believe me, it really sounds master!
Oh, yes it does drop out, but I was able to get the full musical recordings patched together with the master narration, and it was fixed. Our friend Steve on the forum was able to put it nicely together for us. :D
hey Terrence,

Steve didnt put anything together... he probably just gave you that file. I listened to it today and didnt like it...While the isolated elements are there mixed with the source music, The dropouts in the audio are VERY noticable and were patched with live recorded elements from other recordings which makes it stand out even more. In some cases the Audio goes from Clearly understandable to "Say what?" in under a second flat.

I also didnt care for the Ambient noise that was scattered from the Cinema Screens and TVs. There was no trace of this from Any other part in the mix, but they decided to start it at the end. I thought something was wrong with my player for a second because it just didnt flow.

This is of course a personal opinion...Im not saying not to listen to this...Its actually probably one of the better ones out there as far as clarity and flow. I just didnt dig some of the extra elements that detracted from the main focal point. In my opinion its still not of source quality. I'll see what I can dig up in the way a cleaner copy of SSE when Im down there....You know Im always full of surprises :)
yup.. Thats what I was refering to when I spoke of the ambient nose...

The Widescreen Classroom/TransAtlantic/Pacific telechat from the US to Japan WASNT done that badly...

Its when they started doing the yodeling tracks from snowwhite which drown out every other part of the attraction that really didnt seem to fit, this then cuts over into 20k leagues which also didnt fit....

Speaking of which....Does anyone remember when the 20k leagues Screen was momentarily replaced for about 2 years by the Starwars (a new hope) opening blockade runner sequence and the attack from the empire...?? Everyone I ask seems to not remember.

As for getting my tracks....You dont even know half of what I own Grizzly. I highly doubt I owe any 1 person for even 1/5 of what I own. Im very appreciative to peoples contributions, but I still can have an opinion about it. Like I said I give a 5 star rating for effort and again, it is the best quality available to date. But I dont have to like it.....Doesnt mean I dont like the guy who made it. Im sure he's a very nice soul.


Yep, I remember the A New Hope footage in Spaceship Earth. I visited WDW 5 years in a row during July/August from '93-'97. I had videotaped it in '93 and it was still 20K Leagues. I'm pretty sure '95 was the year it changed to Star Wars. I videotaped it again that year and it was still Ep. IV in '97 if memory serves. I wish I could double-check my tapes, but my Hi8 camera ate it, & I've yet to splurge on a Digital-8 deck or camera.