Epcot Pre-ROE music - another title found!


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Last March I posted an incomplete list of the ROE preshow tracks on RADP (the same list that innoventionseast posted here recently). Today I received a reply from Dale Delaruelle with the following information...

One night, while waiting for the show to begin, I met someone who actually recognized one of the songs...and remembered the disk title. The first song on the MP3 file is "Superwasp / Along the Coast of Norway / Neckbuster" by the Scottish group "Seelyhoo". It is on the "Folk 'n' Hell -- Firey new music from Scotland" collection CD by MetroBlue records. I got my copy via Amazon.

CDnow has a clip of the song and I immediately recognized it as the second track of the playlist. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any other Seelyhoo clips to see if there's a Cusco-like trend.

So the ID'ed songs to my knowledge are...

1. ?
2. "Superwasp/Along The Coast Of Norway/Neckbuster" -Seelyhoo
3. ?
4. "Flute Battle" -Cusco
5. ?
6. "Imeland" -Groupa
7. "Montezuma" -Cusco
8. ?
9. "Inca Dance" -Cusco
10. ?

Anyone had any luck with the remaining ?'s ?

Nice work folks! This question has been going around since ROE started in 1999. Hopefully one day we'll know all the tracks! :) Peace - Innoventionseast

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Apparently the track:

"Superwasp/Along The Coast Of Norway/Neckbuster" -Seelyhoo

Is from their CD called "The First Caul", which is still in print, but not normally available in U.S. stores. It is available online from http://www.musicscotland.com/ or currently one copy is available from a seller at http://half.ebay.com/ (there was another seller a few days back, were any of you the buyer?)

I'm hoping at least one other ROE preshow selection is on this CD. Thanks again.


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First, thanks for identifying this track. I've been listening to music for the past couple of years trying to identify it.

I recently picked up a copy of Seelyhoo's The First Caul. While there are a couple of tracks that are certainly in the same vein as other tracks that are part of the pre-Illuminations loop, none of them are from Seelyhoo's "First Caul" CD. :(


Alex K

None of the other tracks on the Groupa "15 Years" CD, whose 1st track is "Imeland" are played at the ROE preshow either. Nice CD though.