Epcot Odyssey Restaurant BGM - 1982-1996


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Hi All! My username is Raphdude (Real name-Eric). I'm a noob to this forum but I am a long time Disney fan, especially of Disney Theme Park Music. I spent every Xmas week and Memorial Day Weekend at WDW from 1971 until 1996, and have had many WDW BGM loops engrained in my memory since then. I stayed at the Contemporary Resort each time and I am compiling a loop list of background music that was used in the Contemporary throughout the 70's until at least the early 80's and I will be posting it here soon, with albums and track listings.

I have a request to ask. I'm looking to find a copy of an audio music loop track that was played in the former Odyssey restaurant from Epcot's opening until at least 1996. I finally visited Epcot for the first time since 1996 in March of this year and the loop was no longer playing in the building (in the restrooms anyway) It was about a 40-70 minute instrumental smooth jazz loop and played in the Odyssey restaurant building throughout the day except for the brief character shows with the Fab Five in their silver spacesuits (with the Clap Your Hands El Debarge type song) , and was most likely produced in the late 70's- early 80's. It was by no means an elevator music loop, as it had really nice harmonica solos and sounded more like a smooth jazz loop. You may remember it yourselves. A couple of the tunes almost sounded similar to the style of the instrumental BGM Imagination Pavillion Loop music of Magic Journeys that would play in the restrooms at the far right of the Imagination pavillion(not the fountain loop). The Odyssey loop had the following songs(and a few others not listed):

Here Comes the Sun (Beatles)
Here, There and Everywhere (Beatles)
What a Fool Believes (Doobie Bros)
What are you Doing for the Rest of Your Life
The Shadow of Your Smile
Midnight at the Oasis
Wave (Sergio Mendes)
Just Once (Quincy Jones)

I have had this loop engrained in my head from hearing it while eating cheeseburgers and fries numerous times at the Odyssey and whenever I would walk through the building. I have been trying to find it for years by googling, amazoning, and ituning, and binsearching all of the song titles but no success. Is there anyone that might have this loop or would know if it is indeed an album or a CD? I really appreciate all of the info I've found here and some of the tracks that members have uploaded links to.

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There are covers for many of those songs, all instrumental, performed by Toots Thielemans. Since you seem to remember the harmonica solos, I wonder if that's his performances were being used for the loop.