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This is my first post here--hoping that someone can help me out. My family recently visited WDW--we've been many times as DVC members. My dad loved the music that is played around the World Showcase after the last "Parade of Dreams" and before Illuminations. I know the names of three of the songs, but the very first one that plays--sort of a funky accordian tune--I'm still looking for. I'd like to get this for him for Father's Day. If anyone knows the name of the song, or if the entire medley is available on a CD somewhere--I'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much!!
Tough question - I've been looking around for these songs as well. Using Google - I've managed to track down these tunes...

Cusco - Flute Battle
Cusco - Montezuma
Groupa - Imeland

Amazon and CDNOW may have sound clips available. These songs are also floating around the net.

I can't put my finger on it, but I think there's something missing. I remember hearing music that is not included above - and I've been unable to determine what it was. Crazy thing is I attended a seminar at Epcot by Gary Graham (I think he's the producer/on-site manager of ROE?). Anyhow, he mentioned the CDs they play before ROE. He said it's a custom mix. In fact, I think he mentioned it because he said a lot of guests ask if there's a CD available of the pre-ROE music. I wanted to ask him what songs were on it, but there were so many other questions I had about ROE - the seminar was only an hour long! I hope these songs help you out! Best of luck on finding what you're looking for...


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On one of my visits, ROE was delayed about 20 minutes so the preshow music played longer. I recognized the Cusco track "Inca Dance". There was at least one more track that sounded like it came from the same Apurimac CD, but I can't identify it. These two tracks are normally not heard since the recording gets cut off when the fireworks start.

Regarding the other unidentified tracks, hopefully, one day, someone will identify the track with the accordian playing, and the other track with Irish dance reel.

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I decided to poke around google (newsgroups) and see what else I could find - here's a post which helps a little...

If you follow the link, you'll hear some of the unidentified songs. Perhaps someone will recognize them if they take a listen?

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