Epcot Mexico Gallery Music--Segovia?

Based upon the track listing for Mexico's Gallery that Horizons posted over [post=18561]here[/post], looks like all tracks are from Andres Segovia's out-of-print LP/cassette, My Favorite Spanish Encores. Anyone have any ideas about where to obtain a legit digital copy?

I have a turntable-->mp3 converter, so i guess there is always that option if I can find the LP used. I see a few copies on ebay and such. Shame this album was never remastered on CD--looks to be a classic.


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Out of curiosity, what lead you to believe the music comes from this one LP? This sounds strange for me, at least for a park loop (although nothing would surprise me at this point).


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There are three copies for sale on Amazon, at reasonable prices. If I can find samples to listen to, it will be easier to make a confirmation.
Well, the only reason I think so is that the list of tracks exactly matches the tracks you posted (although your list is in alphabetical order, which is not the order on the album as far as I can tell). Same number of tracks, same track names. I was searching for a place to purchase the music last night on a song-by-song basis and I accidentally happened upon this album title. When I saw the list of tracks, and thought about Segovia as a master of classical guitar, it sort of made sense that Disney would choose this album. But I can't confirm it as I don't have a reference loop. Maybe I'll try my hand at recording and cleaning up the mp3s from the LP and we can compare track lengths and such.

Horizons, have you (or has anyone else) happened upon a track listing for the indoor Mexico loop? Are they just playing Mariachi Cobre tracks?

I do so loves me some Mexico pavilion. Even if I can't eat at the San Angel Inn anymore.

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Well, the only reason I think so is that the list of tracks exactly matches the tracks you posted
I would say that you have most likely nailed it. The odds that someone may have gathered all of the exact same track titles from other sources—that it is just a coincidence—have got to be slim to none.

I'm reminded of when [member=Horizons] asked me to ID the Polynesian's Holiday loop. I eventually discovered that all 16 tracks could be found (in the exact same order) on a single CD.

I would suggest scouring Andrés Segovia's CDs/MP3s on Amazon to see if you can't find all or most of the tracks on other releases. Quickly, here are samples for [i]Capricho árabe[/i], [i]Fandanguillo[/i], [i]Arada[/i], [i]Albada[/i], [i]Nocturno[/i], [i]Burgalesa[/i], and [i]Allegretto[/i]. There are multiple versions for all of these tracks, so you'd need to have the LP and/or a copy of the loop to know which ones, if any, are an exact match.
Yay, I finally nailed something! :) Glad to contribute an ID to the site. Hopefully Horizons can confirm.

I went ahead and ordered the LP--there could be multiple versions floating of the pieces floating around since Segovia almost certainly recorded the same pieces on separate occasions.

Jay, any ideas about the interior (Plaza de los Amigos) loop? Is it just Mariachi Cobre albums?
Awesome! I received and digitized mine too, but I'm having some trouble cleaning up the sound. I'm getting a high, constant tone and also lots of noise/what sounds and looks like clipping even at lowish input amplitude. I'm not that great with Audacity but I haven't had much success with the filtering yet...still, the recording itself sounds awesome and I feel more and more sure that this is the source album. Hooray!

Oh---for those who want track/time/composer info, here it is:

Andrés Segovia: My Favorite Spanish Encores (1974, RCA Records)

Luis de Narváez--Variations on a Spanish Folk Tune (3:01)
Enriquez de Valderrábano--Soneto in D (0:51)
Diego Pisador--Pavana in E Minor (1:14)
Alonso Mudarra--Gallarda in D (1:37)
Fernando Sor--Folias de España, Op. 15 (3:48)
Catalonian Folk Songs--Arr.: Miguel Llobet--El Mestre (3:37), La Filla del Marxant (2:23)
Francisco Tárrega--Capricho Arabe (Serenade) (Dedicated to Tomás Bretón) (5:09)

Federico Moreno Torroba--
Fandanguillo (Suite Castellana: 1st Movement) (2:19)
Arada (Suite Castellana: 2nd Movement) (3:31)
Albada (Pièces Caractéristiques: No. 5) (1:42)
Nocturno (Dedicated to Segovia) (3:41)
Burgalesa (2:16)
Allegretto (Sonatina in A: 1st Movement) (4:12)
Isaac Albéniz--Torre Bermeja (Serenade) (Pièces Caractéristiques: No. 12)


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Strange that the Guest Services listing has fourteen tracks and the album has fifteen. Wonder why they would leave off one track?
My guess is that this line on the back of the album jacket is to blame:
"Catalonian Folk Songs--Arr.: Miguel Llobet--El Mestre (3:37), La Filla del Marxant (2:23)"

Looks like they only got one of those. They were printed on the same line and my guess is Disney just ignored it...we know they're not always careful about what they put on those lists.

Best way to confirm is a comparison with a reference recording or live. If Horizons or someone else doesn't have a chance before Sept., looks like my conference is a go :) and I will be down there in the middle of the month. That plus the Pop bus loop can be my goals...

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Best way to confirm is a comparison with a reference recording or live. If Horizons or someone else doesn't have a chance before Sept...
Do we know if this "Gallery" loop is still playing? Or what the "Gallery" even is? There used to be a two-level art gallery / museum inside of Mexico, but it closed long, long ago, and was replaced with a "Kidcot" location. Recently, it became a junk shop. The next time I'm at Cava de Tequila, I'll have to go over there and take a listen.
I actually thought that the "gallery" was the "antechamber"--with the Oaxacan animales fantasticos and the exhibits about Dia de los Muertos and such. I know the 2-level "gallery" you mean--the cultural exhibit with plastic examples of Mexican food and the like. I doubt you would be able to hear guitar music or much else in The Ditch (as a friend calls La Cava)...:)


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I am wondering if anyone had the opportunity to follow up on the use of the Segovia album at the Mexico pavilion. Any additional information is appreciated.
I have digitized my copy of the album but have nothing with which to compare it, unfortunately. My album seems ok but the digitizing process didn't go so well due to unknown problems with my setup--I tried four or five times but there are some nasty electronic hums and whistles and the usual static that didn't get effectively removed with the usual methods. (Any advice from audio gurus is welcomed. I used Audacity and a USB turntable.)

Happily, I finally have another trip planned for next week :) so I'll see if I have a chance to listen for a little while. I'll be there for a conference so I'm not sure how much down time I'll have but I'll try!!

I'd love to know if Jay, Horizons, or anyone else has had a chance to check it out.
OK, having just returned from my trip, I have the following updates to report.
1) The area with the Oaxacan animals is indeed labeled "Gallery." In addition to the wood-carvers and their creations featured in the middle of the gallery, there are still exhibits lining the sides of the room discussing the art of the carvings, Dia de los Muertos, etc.
2) It was very hard to hear in there, but I most definitely did NOT hear the Segovia. It sounded like Mariachi music, and a couple of tracks I thought might have been off the Mariachi Cobre albums. I saw speakers in the ceiling but no other obvious ones, and the music was playing quietly. Seemed to be the same music playing inside the Plaza de los Amigos.


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Thanks for reporting back and letting us know.