EPCOT Main Entrance Area Music


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Loop runs 23:07

The loop plays as you walk up to the main turnstiles, and as you walk through the turnstiles and make your way up past Spaceship Earth to around the Innoventions area.

To my knowledge, there have been four "official" loops playing at the entrance to EPCOT Center.

Loop 1: Played from 1982 - 1999. This loop ran 28:14 and was made up of the following tracks:

1 - Energy
2 - Golden Dream
3 - Fun to Be Free
4 - Listen to the Land
5 - One Little Spark
6 - Magic Journeys
7 - Universe of Energy

There are several reconstructions of this loop in general circulation. In addition, most of the tracks were released on the Disneyland Forever project. But if you want the entire loop, unedited, track down the version that runs 28:14 (192k bitrate).

Loop 2: Played from 1999 - 2000. This loop ran for the millennium celebration and was approximately ??. There is a reconstruction of the loop in general circulation, but I have no idea if the reconstruction is accurate. I was sent a live recording a few months ago, but I haven't had the time to compare it to the reconstruction. I'll update this post at a later date.

Loop 3: Played from 2000 - 2005. This loop ran 19:26 and is similar to the current loop.

Loop 4: Played from 2005 - Current. This loop runs 23:07 and is the same as Loop 3 with additional music added (e.g., Soarin').

In addition to these four loops, the main entrance loop is changed each year for the Flower & Garden Festival and the Food & Wine Festival, with music matching the theme of the event.

The Port Discovery area music loop in Tokyo DisneySea has a 15:51 segment that not only uses some of the current EPCOT entrance music, but also other music that was, I believe, scored at the same time but not used in the EPCOT loop. The unused music very much has the EPCOT sound and would have fit perfectly with the current music. The complete Port Discovery loop runs 51:41.