Epcot Innoventions Loop at DL

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So I've long remembered hearing what I now know is Epcot's Innoventions music loop at Disneyland's Innoventions. It was some years ago, before I knew the loop as the Epcot Innoventions loop, and I'd since taken to doubting I'd actually heard it. The only confirmed instance of that music playing at Disneyland was during a Tomorrowland-themed exhibit at The Disney Gallery (which was a long reedited version of the 50-minute full loop).

But low-and-behold, the music has returned! It's playing, somewhat randomly, on the second floor of Innoventions in the area of a Honda CR-Z exhibit. I hung around for the loop restart and I can confirm it's the standard 19:47 short version, though with a much longer restart gap. Really quite odd to hear it playing here, since I haven't heard it play here in some time, and it really doesn't gel much with Innoventions as it exists now (even at Epcot I don't think the music actually plays in Innoventions, even though we call the loop the Innoventions Area Loop).

Still, a wonderful surprise to hear this loop once again playing on the west coast. Certainly makes me curious as to how the loop made it over here in the first place and who decided to have it playing once again.