Epcot Entrance/ROE music updates

In reference to a couple of discussions that have taken place on this board, I've found some stuff you Epcot fans might find interesting...

RE: Epcot Entrance music -

There's this great FTP site full of WDW video/music, including the full 2001 Epcot Entrance Loop, clocking in at 19:03. The quality is pretty good. Check it out at:

From there, you'll find the IP to his FTP site, as well as the user/pass. I don't want to post his user/pass stuff here, just because I'm not sure what the rules are on that. If you just hold your mouse pointer over a file and look in the status bar, you'll see the FTP IP and user/pass. The 2001 loop isn't listed in his HTML page, so you'll have to get an FTP prog and browse the site yourself. There's a huge discussion regarding his site, where you can talk with popkid himself, over at wdwmagic, on the Digital Media board. Anyhow, I'm listening to the 2001 Loop right now and I think it's great.

RE: ROE preshow music -

wdwmagic.com just updated their news section with a post about ROE preshow. http://www.wdwmagic.com/whatsnew.htm You can download clips of the music - not sure on the quality, I haven't DL'ed anything yet.

Anyhow, I hope these resources help you guys out. One more thing regarding popkid's FTP server, per the FAQ, make sure you don't hammer the links. I think his server is set up to ban IPs of offending visitors.


Alex K

Re:ROE music updates

Can't seem to get to the ROE Preshow page on wdwmagic.com.

This is the one I've been working on lately:

Recorded live in December 2000.

No luck, even if I've listened to clips from dozens of bands with accordions (Celtic, Cajun, whatever). None so far have matched the style of the above clip.
Re: the WDWmagic page - the link above should take you to the "What's New" page. The update was posted on 8/9, so just scroll down and you should see it.

Alternatetively, look on the menu on the left - go to "Epcot>Illuminations>Reflections of Earth>RoE Audio"

Should be there unless the page is down.