Epcot at night track list


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I love listening to mouseworld radio on live 365. My favorite is when they play Epcot at night. It is the music loop they play before Illumination. Does anyone out there have a track listing or know where I can get a hold of this loop.


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From "Walt Disney World Entertainment"

URL: http://pages.prodigy.net/stevesoares

Prior to July 4, 2004
01. ?They Were Dancing Barefoot? by Yehuda Poliker (from the CD ?For Your Blue Eyes?, NMC Music 20835-2, 1992)

02. ?Superwasp/Along The Coast Of Norway/Neckbuster? by Seelyhoo (from the CD ?The First Caul?, Greentrax CDTRAX 102, 1996)

03. ?Native Funk? by Burning Sky (from the CD ?Blood of the Land?, Canyon Records CR-7026, 1995)

04. ?Flute Battle? by Cusco (from the CD ?Apurimac?, Higher Octave, 1988)

05. ?The Concertina Set? by B?rach (from the CD ?The Weird Set?, Greentrax CDTRAX 093, 1995)

06. ?Imeland? by Groupa (from the CD ?Imeland?, Amigo Music AMCD 730, 1995, reissued on the US compilation ?Fifteen Years?, Northside Records, 1998)

07. ?Montezuma? by Cusco (from the CD ?Apurimac, Vol. 2: Return To Ancient America?, Higher Octave, 1994)

08. ?30-?rs Jiggen (Thirty-Year Jig)? by V?sen (from the CD ?Whirled?, Northside Records NSD-6006, 1997 - U.S. release of the original Swedish CD ?V?rldens V?sen?, Xource XOUCD 118, 1997)

09. ?Inca Dance? by Cusco (from the CD ?Apurimac?, Higher Octave, 1988)

10. ?Appalachian Morning? by John Williams & The Boston Pops (from the CD ?The Green Album?, Sony Classical SK 48224, 1992)


selections 6 & 8 are both available on the various artists compilation CD, ?Nordic Roots: Northside Sampler? (Northside Records, 1998)

selections 4, 7 & 9 are available on a variety of CDs by Cusco and various artists packages

selection 3 is also available on the various artists compilation CD "The Rough Guide: Native American Music" (World Music Network, 1998)

selection 2 is also available on the various artists CD sampler, ?Folk ?n? Hell: Fiery New Music From Scotland? (Blue Note Records, 1997)


It might be useful to both of you to know that the list in question was developed here, by this community. If you haven't figured it out by now, this is the #1 resource for this kind of information -- and that li'l ol' search button up at the top of the page is good for more than just eye candy...

And while we're at it, it might also be instructive to note that the Live365 stations play an awful lot of my handiwork... that one included. ;)