I am hearing rumors that there will be an EPCOT 25th Anniversary CD later in the year. Is there any truth to that rumor?


Probably not. I don't know if WDW has just given up or what, but we haven't seen a park specific release in awhile. All of the new entertainment from YOAMD hasn't been released. Alot of the old Epcot stuff was released on the HCOE album in 2005. If anything, it will probably just be alot of that same stuff.

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I can't imagine that this would be happening without any of us hearing about it ahead of time through this board. But here's hoping it flew under all our radar.
Based on the lack of anything related to EPCOT's 25th I guess we should be glad they've decided to keep it open.


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Even though it seems WDW is going to let this pass without any kind of attention, I do hope an anniversary CD set makes it's way under the radar! I'd love just an EPCOT set, with previously unreleased stuff. If it was the only thing released (besides pins, of course, because when do they NOT release a pin?) for the anniversary, that would be fine, because it would be one nice gift to the fans.
Even though my earlier response was flippant (purely to hide my disappointment at this lost opportunity) it does underscore my concern that unless something is, first and foremost, a commercial success it will be largely ignored by Disney management. I know I'm preaching to the choir but this music truly deserves recognition and I, for one, think that recognition would best be expressed through introducing it to a wider audience. Remember folks, EPCOT itself is something that should be widely recognized and the fact its 25th is going to pass without as much as a public thank you really gets my goat.

Dr. Know; my apologies about that other thing.
Sadly, the EPCOT that once was, is something Disney management is always determined to try and pretend never happened.....or if they do, they run it down for being "boring".

I'm glad the music for "World Of Motion" has gotten to us, but I still need a clean megamix track of SE with the Cronkite narration and the full underscore for the original UOE movie.