EPCOT 25th Anniversary?


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Do you think with the success of the DL 50th 6-CD set we might get an EPCOT 25th 6-CD box set? I think EPCOT has the best music of all the parks. You could fill 6 CD easy.

Just hopeful thinking.
YES! I completely agree!

Though I think we'd be wishing and hoping a BIT much for 6 cds (though I would buy them all in a heartbeat), I think this prospect should be looked into NOW!

You got MY support, rkb!



David S.

Great idea! I was thinking of a similar thing - just not limited only to Epcot but instead all of WDW! (although if it was just limited to Epcot I'd want that as well).

The 50th anniversary of WDW is in 2021... but with the success of the DL box, why wait that long! ;)

The 35th is next year, 2006, and 40th is 2011.

The WDW box, if it included ALL of WDW, would have to be MORE than 6 CDs, IF it is as comprehensive as the DL box!

Think of all the great stuff it could include!

* The Epcot Future World discs could include full ride-throughs of attractions such as Journey Into Imagination, Horizons, World Of Motion, Spaceship Earth, Universe of Energy, and the complte soundtrack of Kitchen Kabaret, to name a few. It could also include area music from Future World and songs from Communicore, such as "Age of Information".

* The World Showcase discs could include the full ride-throughs of El Rio de Tiempo and Norway, and soundtracks to the Canada, France, China, and American Adventure shows. It could also include area and/or performance music from EACH country, regardless of whether that country has an attraction, so they can all be represented!

* The MK discs could be similar to the DL set, with some overlap, but could also include full soundtracks to attractions never found at DL, such as Mickey Mouse Revue, If You Had Wings, and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. It could include area music and performance tracks such as the steel drum band, etc. In cases where the area/performing music is similar to DL, a different track could be selected than the ones used on the DL box, for variety (such as Fortuosity was on one OA and Flitterin' on the other, when Randy first started doing the OA's.)

* The Studios and Animal Kingdom parks could also be represented on the set, in greater depth than the OA format makes possible.

* If there is space, a taste of area music from the resort hotels could even be included, and/or stuff like the Luau and Hoop de Doo Revue

* Parades and Shows - Could include Spectromagic, MSEP, Electrical Water Pagent, Illuminations, Fantasmic, etc. There are many extremely popular ones to pick from!

Just some ideas. Whatever it included, l I'd love it! It's just so exciting that this actually seems possible now. When I first started reading this board during the late 90's heyday of "Music From The Parks", it seemed like a pipe dream!



Sheesh! Randy just finished this box set, let him a break, will ya? ;)