Epcot 2000 Entrance Music


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Hello. I have a Disney music question and was told that this was the place to come for great information. Hopefully you all might be able to help me out...

I was listening to the 2000 Epcot Entrance Medley on the Digital-Disney Site. I know that the medley contained the instrumental section of Tomorrow's Child, Space from Horizons, and a portion of the Reflections of Earth music.

Here is my question. There are a few seconds preceeding Tomorrow's Child that I know I have heard before but cannot remember where. Does anyone know what that is from? It reminds me of the original Epcot Entrance Medley, but I have listened to it and it did not come from there.

Thanks for the help!


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I believe you're referring to a very brief trumpet passage that starts off the music. This passage is part of Tomorrow's Child but was heard only while riding through the Spaceship Earth attraction (Cronkite version). The CD track doesn't include it.



Ah, well--that does answer a question that I'd been having, at least. I've been looking for a copy of the 2000 Entrance Loop, hoping that even if I could only find a recorded copy, I could use that as a guide to re-create a better quality version from stuff that's commercially available. Since portions of the Tomorrow's Child segment weren't on the CD, I now know that won't work, and I have to keep hunting.

Thanks for the info, though...knowing is always better than not knowing.

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If anybody has put together a high quality version of the 2000 entrance loop, please contact me! I have most of the pieces (I think) but don't know how to put them together myself, and I have been desperate for this loop since visiting the park for the first time in 2000.

Many thanks!

(new email: jimganz@adelphia.net)