Epcot 2000-2001 Entrance Music


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Does anyone have any information (song title/composer) on the Milennium edition of the entrance music that was used at Epcot? Better yet, does anyone know where I could find the music itself? My wife and I love that particular piece of music and have come to associate it with the whole Disney experience. We were just at Epcot last month and were disappointed to find that they had discontinued using the music and resumed using the original entrance loop. Any help any of you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks ...
-- Ron

Jessica L

They've gone back to the 28-minute version?!? YES!! I can't wait to hear it again!! ;D ;D

Are you talking about the loop with Tomorrow's Child, Space, and a clip from Reflections of Earth? Or the other one?



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Not sure about total run time (excuse the lingo ... I'm a television director), but to the best of my knowledge the loop they are playing now is the original loop for the park. I remember it featuring a medley of music from the early/original Epcot attractions including the song from the original Energy pavilion (pre-Ellen's Energy Adventure).