Energizer Millennium Promo CD

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Hey, has anybody noticed -- there seems to be a glut of copies of the Energizer Millennium promo cd/Epcot available on ebay right now. I even saw a lot available consisting of ten cartons of 30 cds each. So much for rarity -- the music is nice, and if you enjoy the two other releases -- the original Millennium Celebration cd and Illuminations: Reflections of Earth/Tapestry of Dreams -- you will want to get the Energizer promo to complete your collection. But don't pay too much -- I got mine for $5. :)


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You could really call this CD the "Millennium Mega-Mix."
While it does contain some new material, most is available on the Millennium CD. Here's a brief rundown.

Opens with a two minute excerpt from beginning of Reflections of Earth, but the main theme is repeated with a choral "aahhh" doubling the melody. This choral section is new.

A few seconds of the ticking Tapestry of Nations clocks segues into a segues to a mixed duet version of Celebrate the Future with a choir backing. I've not heard this duet anywhere else.

This is followed by a segue into about six minutes of ToN parade, the percussion prelude followed by the "way-la" section. Nothing new here.

It then segues into the final movements from RoE, about 5:30 minutes or so. Again, nothing new.

Finally, with what reminds of Tinkerbell's wand from the old Disney story LP's and some arpeggios from a classical guitar a Jennifer Holliday-ish alto with a choral backing sings a gospel-style rendition of We Go On. The choir sounds like it includes a children's choir. Once nice touch is toward the end the orchestra plays a recurring When You Wish Upon a Star motif under a sustained "We go o-o-o-o-n-n-n-n." This version is new and lasts about two minutes.

Worth the $3-5 bucks off of eBay, IMHO.


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The artwork on the disc is very nice, too: a blue sky with the 2000 WDW logo and Spaceship Earth below in full color. The vocal solos in Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand are by Michelle Lindahl and Jeff Smith; We Go On is performed by Carmen Carter. Although 11 "movements" are listed in the packaging, the "mega-mix" is presented in a single track 17:09 minutes long.

Apparently this disc was originally given away with the purchase of two multi-packs of Energizer batteries as a promotion for the Epcot Millennium Celebration. I really dig it!


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the Energizer Promo CD is really great - I really love the mix and have used it frequently to introduce first time guests to the musical feeling of the Tapestry of Natiosn/Dreams and Reflections of Earth before their trip.

But I still have a question: did anyone tape the Superbowl Halftime-Show in 2000?? I remember that it was produced by Disney and featured dancers / costumes from Tapestry of Dreams and a soundtrack which I think (even so performed by different singers) could be identical to the one on the Promo CD as far as the mix and the line up of song elements is concerned. So if anybody had a tape of the Superbowl Halftime-Show it would be great if he could compare its soundtrack with the Promo CD.

THANKS in advance.



I have it on videotape and the line-up is indeed more or less (with some cuts here and there) the same than on the Energizer CD. The performance featured 125 drummers and percussionists, a full symphony orchestra, aerial dancers and an 80-member choir, but if you ask me, the musicians didn't perform 'live' since the music sounded exactly the same as on the Energizer Promo CD. The big difference indeed were the performers. Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand was performed by Christina Aguilera and Enrique Iglesias (this was sung live), We Go On was performed by Toni Braxton (sung live as well) and Two Worlds (not from the WDW Millennium Celebration but from the Disney animated feature Tarzan) was performed by Phil Collins (not sung live).


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Question about this cd: Does it have any of the original narration from tapestry or from the illuminations? ("we are gathered here around a fire... etc?)

I seem to recall that somewhere there was a cd with some of this narration/voiceover work... anyone know?