End of the Disney Club

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

But how does the Disney Company celebrate? They end the Disney Club in December 2003. I just got my montly update and next year is the last year for the Disney Club. I guess it isn't a huge deal since there isn't a whole lot in the Disney catalogue or store that I want to buy but I'll miss the discounts on hotels and park admission. Guess I'll be spending less money with Disney in 2004. Way to improve your bottom line, Di$ney!


matt d. :(


Yes Matt it amazes me too that they provide less and less and wonder why they recieve less profit in return. The Disney stores are a joke and they have no one to blame for their lack of performance than their own lame ass management. Over the years I've certainly done my part spending more than I would like to admit on Disney products and vacations. However with the lack of quality products and no new "E" ticket attractions at the theme parks there really is no reason to look to Disney anymore for quality entertainment.
New "E" Ticket Attractions???

I would almost be satisfied if they would just stop eliminating attractions. When I go to the MK now, I am often underwhelmed at how little there is to do there compared to DL.

If they end the Disney Club how are they going to sell us the Disney Magazine (remember how cool that magazine was before the format change)?


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Yeah...used to be an AWESOME managzine that I looked forward to for 3 months until I finally got my next copy. Nowadays....shrug.



Ah yes, the good old days of The Disney News...

Since I enjoy the resorts more than any other aspect of WDC, I used to love this magazine since it focused more on the happenings at the parks and had the most in-depth articles imaginable. Remember the great multi-part articles they always had?

Of course, the evolution of this once great publication has mirrored the course of the company under Eisner's leadership. Emphasis moved away from the parks and into faddish fluff. It didn't help that Disney decided to allow an outside publishing house to take over. I suppose some of the articles on the features are okay but their theme park coverage is definitely lackluster. I'd rather read detailed info about an attraction's development/construction/etc. than read about a family's day at the Magic Kingdom or onboard the Disney Magic. Don't get me wrong, there is a place for those articles, but they should never have replaced the old bread and butter pieces. I suppose they had to diversify to increase their circulation. It's too bad they didn't split into two separate magazines. The Disney News had a niche that could still be filled today. :(