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We all are here for our love of Disney and Disney park music but our collections will never be complete. And it's not just because disney constantly updates park audio and new movies and tracks are released, but because some of Disney's audio is never truly released. What are the files you most desire to track down, and what files have eluded you the longest?
-A quality ride-thru of DAK's Dinosaur ride (though I think somebody said they were working on one)

-The DL Teacups area/ride music (not just the movie track)

-Fantasmic pre-show announcements, including the spiel just before the show starts (I forget the exact words, but it's a female voice)

-The music loop from the jellyfish ride area at DCA (regular songs, only "jellified")


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I'm hoping someday to secure a quality recording of "The Age of Information" song that accompanised the Bell Systems diorama in Communicore.

Who knows, maybe for that as-yet-unannounced Epcot 25th Anniversary disc?



Same as always for me:

WDW 15th Anniversary parade
Donald Duck 50th Parade
3rd Queue section of Space Mountain WDW


The full, isolated loop of the card painters from Alice in Wonderland (not just the 30 seconds they use in the ride-through on cd)


I'd like a clean copy of the Liberty Square BGM at the Magic Kingdom.


Hmmm ... the most wanted track changes now and then for me ... but the contender longest in the running for the title and such the "all time most elusive track" for me I guess is the score of the Hunchback of Notre Dame fireworks from the 5th anniversary season of DLRP. They had a great instrumental score based on the animated feature recorded specifically for the season with an impressive philarmonic orchestra.



ellen's energy adventure
the timekeeper
dinosaur (pre-show music)
drew carey's sounds dangerous (theme)
one man's dream
dreamflight (queue theme & ride-thru)
liberty square bgm
food rocks

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Epcot Worldkey System BGM
More Ellen's Energy Music
If You Had Wings stuff
O' Canada score or Film audio
Timekeeper Queue Area Music
Visionarium Queue Area Music
That elusive 3rd piece of WDW Space Mountain Queue Music that someone mentioned
and on and on and on...
Complete sound files from If You Had Wings (either separate or combined as a ride-through).

That's my #1 too! All of the different parts, and a mega-mix of the whole thing from the boarding area to the "You Do Have Wings" exit.

And then after that:
-Original Hall Of Presidents isolated underscore
-Mega-mix of original WDW Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (not the DL version music, which got put in WDW in 96)
-Isolated underscore of the original Universe of Energy film


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1. Mickey's Birthdayland Express
2. WDW 15th Anniversary Parade
3. WDW 20 Years Surprise Celebration Parade
4. WDW Disney Character Hit Parade (Zip, Zip, Zip)
5. Space Mountain's New Exit Music (although I like the original Better)
6. Stitch's Great Escape Exit Music (I know I know, but its the only good thing about the attraction)
7. United Kingdom BGM
8. One Man's Dream BGM
9. Dinosaur
10. Illuminations (Original Version)
11. Sorcery In The Sky (Chariots of Fire version)


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JungleBumCT - The "Welcome to Fantasmic" female intro can be heard on the Walt Disney World CD of the show, FYI.

I'm still searching, as ever, for:
1) Isolated files of the attic piano and five popup ghouls from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.
2) Opening, Closing, and Street background tracks from the 2005 version of Mickey's Boo to You Halloween Parade; Walt Disney World.
3) The Background music for the Beast's Library in the DCA Animation Building. (While most of it comes from the film's score, or the alternate music track, one small chunk of music doesn't come from either.)
4) Mickey's Philharmagic. Anything and Everything.
5) The actual attraction versions of the Tower of Terror queue songs.
6) Full version of the original Disneyland Space Mountain track (including the overtime clips.)
7) Full version of the California Screamin' track (including the overtime clips.)
8 ) Complete Small World Holiday tracks, especially the instrumentals for the Peace on Earth sequence.
9) Complete isolated tracks for Haunted Mansion Holiday (the newer versions;) including the 2002 Stretching Room track which vanished weeks after its debut.

That's all I can think of for now. My list used to be much much much longer; but thankfully things do tend to appear from time to time, if you know where to look and who to ask. Just keep searching...



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In no particular order....

1) The music heard in WDW's Space Mountain's third queue line tunnel.

2) The WDW Pirates of the Caribbean BGM loop that's played inside the dungeons in the queue.

3) The entire Dreamflight ride-through and music from WDW

4) The old Polynesian Resort bgm loop that was used before 1994,1995. The new loop isn't as good as the older, never revealed or released one. Not sure where any of the tracks even came from.

5) All of the BGM from the old Communicore area of Future World at EPCOT Center.

6) The Intro music from Captain Eo that was played while waiting before you were lead into the theatre. I know it was played at DL, but I can't remember if WDW's had music playing. It was basically the same theme that's used at the intro of the movie, but was longer and a little different.

7) Listen To The Land ride-through.

8) Symbiosis full show audio.

9) El Rio De Tiempo full ride-through and music.


1) All the Kids of the Kingdom stage shows
2) WDW's Easter Parade

AND most of all...

Gordon Goodwin's "Remember The Magic Finale" from WDW's 25th Anniversary version of Fantasy in the Sky.

I'll post more later but this is a start!
Well I know most of you are seeking recent audio files, but I thought I would put in my 2 cents worth too ;D

I am still trying to get a hold of a copy of ST-3901 "A Day at Disneyland" featuring Walt Disney and Jiminy Cricket. Every once in a while I see it on Ebay, but I usually get outbid. I guess I just do not want it bad enough yet, lol. Not sure if anyone has posted a recording of it anywhere. Anybody know?