Elton John ... new animated project??


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

last night the German TV-station RTL aired a 90 minute special about the live and work of Elton John. During this show he did talk about what his work from this year and explained that he composed 50 songs:

- 5 he did not talk about at all
- 36 for two upcoming stage musicals, one being Billy Eliott (based on the movie hit) opening in the UK in 2004, the other one a vampire musical based on another movie opening in the US in 2005
- 4 for different movies
- 5 for an animated feature

The last entry in the list made me interested. 5 songs fro an animated feature?? After the Lion King he went with Katzenberg and wrote songs for the Dreamworks flop "Road to El Dorado" but Dreamworks said they would not produce any animated features after Sinbad was a flop earlier this year, so they are out of the game. 20th Century Fox already closed their animation division after the flop of "Titan A.E.", so basically the only two studios left which are working on major projects are Disney and Pixar.

Which brings me to my question: does anybody know which Disney project (or Pixar project, even so the later one would be a real surprise) Elton John is involved in?? As he claimed to have written the songs this year and songs need to be prepared rather early in the production process this would mean the animated feature shouldn't be out before mid or late 2005 as earliest... So does anybody have a clue?

Or is this no news at all and I just missed some earlier posts??