Ellen's Energy Adventure


Bruce Broughton, whom you know by now, wrote the original score for the Universe of Energy Pavilion’s attraction, Ellen’s Energy Adventure in 1996.

It is located in Future World West at EPCOT Center in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The attraction opened on September 15, 1996. It stars Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye The Science Guy, as themselves. The attraction also co-stars Alex Trebek.

Bruce Broughton recorded a dark, melodic, and uplifting score for use in the waiting area, but the version we tend to hear is more peppy and rhythmic.

The attraction consisted of a waiting area with an 8 minute film, introducing the main characters, a second theater, where we are seated in a traveling theater car, while we watch Ellen and Bill Nye travel from the present, back to the age of the dinosaurs as well as witnessing the Big Bang and the birth of Planet Earth.

The film lasts 7 minutes.

The next room is a Diarama scene where we get to see various types of dinosaurs and an audio-animatronic of Ellen DeGeneres.

Finally, we enter a third theater, where we learn about the various types of energy, before returning to the second theater, again.

The types of Energy we learn about are: Solar Energy, Wind Power, Coal, Oil, Natural Gas and Fusion Power.

The main film lasts about 12 minutes.

The final room we travel to, happens to be the same room where our adventure began.

The finale film, final Jeopardy, lasts about 4 minutes.

The final Jeopardy answer is, “This is the one source of power, that will never, run out?” For those who have ridden this ride, already know the answer, but for those who have not, I will hide the answer, here:
Brain Power

There has been a medley released of Bruce Broughtons score from this attraction, it is also called the Pre-Show Fill cue. This attraction is ONLY located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The attraction consists of about 25 tracks. ASCAPs website lists several of the cue names used in the attraction. Though, some are not listed. I love the music from this attraction. It is very entertaining and beautiful. I could listen to it all day long, if I had it. Bruce Broughton used a full orchestra for his score to this attraction. He did 25 tracks, totaling about 30 minutes of music, in all. Much of the score is high energy.

Bruce Broughtons fondest memory of the recording sessions for this attraction are an english musician trying to play the banjo part for the beverly hillbillies theme during the oil scene in the film.

To this day, only 1 track of Bruce Broughtons original score from this beloved attraction, has been released.

I have learned, that in order for Disney to consider releasing a CD of Bruce Broughtons original theme park music, I would have to find out the interest in this type of music and get at least 5,000 people who would purchase it. I know of several people, already, who would buy this music, myself included.

Who here has some fond memories of this show and do you have any favorite cues from the shows music? Feel free to share your thoughts, memories, etc... from this missed and retired attraction.

Until next time, Have A Magical Day, All!

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