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Hello All:

Are there any isolated elements from El Rio del Tiempo floating around out there in cyberspace?

I've heard a medley that tries to reconstruct the attraction, but there are so many pieces missing . . . like from the Day of the Dead sequence, the children's lyrics (if that's what you call the la-la-la-s).

And I'm trying to remember, was there a queue track for the attraction?

The re-do of the attraction is just making me nostalgic for what might not be there when it reopens. I'm a big fan of the Buddy Baker song that plays throughout the last 2/3rds of the attraction (but I understand why others might not be).

So I guess my question is: what El Rio del Tiempo music or isolated elements are available?

Thanks for your help!

X-S Tech

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I believe that reconstruction as you call it, was actually an unreleased track from WDWForever (someone correct me if I'm wrong).


No idea if it was on WDWF, but whoever originally leaked it must have put that goodbye spiel in the middle of the track. Bleh.

X-S Tech

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Actually I said it was an UNRELEASED track from WDWForever, meaning it was cleaned up and intended for release and for whatever reason, didn't make it. Like a few Horizons and Spaceship Earth tracks that have likewise slipped out.

Again, not sure if that's the reality of it, but I seem to remember someone saying that.