El Capitan Exclusive CD


I just went to the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood the other day and was impressed to find a gentlemen playing the Wurlitzer organ on the stage before the movie began. He played several contemporary Disney classics and finished up his set with a rousing rendition of Hooray for Hollywood before the beginning of the movie. Anyways, they sell his music on CD at the concessions stand and it is a Walt Disney Records label. The cast members told me this is the only place it can be purchased. Anyone out there know more?


Rob Richards, an organist at the El Capitan Theatre, has his own CD, "Now Playing! Rob Richards at the El Capitan Theatre." However, it's not on the WDR label (HPR-200301). Details can be found at:


It's a fantastic CD which I can listen to over and over again. Highly recommended! You can purchase this directly from Rob Richard's Web site for $20.00 including shipping.

In writing this, I was looking at this site and came across a new CD there: "MICKEYLODEON! (Disney Cartoon Music in the Player Piano Style)" which must have come out recently:


What a great looking track listing! I'm definitely ordering this one right now.

Henry Fink