Ebay madness!

Dr. Know

Check out item # 2222864325 -- "Disneyland Attraction Soundtracks -- 6 Hours of High Quality cd audio -- New Tracks!"

This guy/gal is selling home-made cdrs of park music, presumably copied from commercial cds and mp3s that are available all over the net. Bidding starts at $35, with a "buy it now" option of $45. There are at least two of these sets being auctioned at the moment, and the seller claims that over 80 sets have been sold.

How does "lawyerinaredsuit" get away with this without Uncle Walt's lawyers coming after him? I mean, he is manufacturing this product from copyrighted material, and then offering it for sale. Disgusting!



Well, given his user name, it's probably just a case of sharks not eating their own kind ;)
Seriously though, these sorts of homemade packages have been selling on eBay for a long time - I remember one that had 13 full discs of Disneyland material. The bottom line is that there is obvious demand, and Disney is not meeting it. You would think that Disney would keep all this material available through legal means, so that they could reap the profits. I'm sure most people would prefer to buy from a legitimate source, especially if well packaged, etc.