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I was listening to a live recording of the WedWay Peoplemover from 1990 (you know, with ORIC-1) and heard the Monorail Song in the background. There is a second song in the recording, but I cannot identify it.

Does anyone have any additional information about the background music in Tomorrowland before the most recent "new" version (before 1993, I think)? A playlist? Memories of other songs?

As always, any help is greatly appreciated.



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Hi Wedroy1923,

Here's a little bit of background info that might help out.

Back in the 70?s and 80s?, Jack Wagner produced soundtracks for a variety of multi-media presentations that I put together for Disneyland -- most of these were for business proposals (i.e. Disneyland Master Planning, Euro-Disney, etc.).

Jack used a good portion of music from the "Capitol Production Music Library" (a division of Capitol Records). I believe he once held a position at Capitol, and was allowed to use the music royalty-free.

I had always thought that all the People Mover musical selections were original to Disney, until Jack started playing tracks from the Capitol library for me so that I could choose music that was appropriate for my projects.

In the 70's, 80's and I guess early 90's, if you rode the People Mover and heard something other than the original Monorail - Goodyear - People Mover songs, chances are the music was from the Capitol Production Music Library.

You can hear a sample of this music at...


...in the Buddy Baker Tribute section.

I've been meaning to email Michael (the site's designer & webmaster) to let him know that the selection he chose to feature on his website was not composed by Buddy Baker -- unless Buddy also composed for Capitol and this is song one of his pieces.

Packed away in box in my garage are a couple of cassettes with full versions of 10-20 Capitol songs (some of them used for the People Mover attraction). I will, one of these days, dust them off and covert them to MP3s. It's all very fun, funky "70's" music.

The Capitol Production Music Library is now OGM Music (named for Ole Georg, who was pivotal in getting Capitol Production Music off the ground years and years ago).

Well, that's about it. Maybe this was way off from the music you're speaking of, but let me know if you have any other questions.

Also, if I've posted mis-information, please, everyone, post corrections! Thanks!

Jim Moore

FYI: Here's some info I got off the net:

OGM Music
6922 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 718
Hollywood, CA 90028

800-421-4163, 323-461-2701
fax 323-461-1543


OGM Music is the new flagship label of Ole Georg, who pioneered production music and elevated it to an art form in its own right. As the founder/chairman of several internationally renowned symphony orchestras, and a composer of music featured in major Hollywood pictures, television shows, and award winning government/ corporate productions, Ole Georg has spent his entire adult life in studios perfecting production music to a point where it often exceeds the standard of commercial CD releases. OGM has worldwide distribution in over 25 countries, and over 100 CD titles.

Featuring over 6,000 cuts of diverse music of all types, the OGM Music Library is perfect for every application or setting.

Services: Every type of music for every type of production, including film, video, TV, multimedia and Internet

New: OGM Premium and Professional Lines. The OGM Web site provides auditioning, ordering and receiving of music selections, with an on-site-search engine for locating specific tracks or styles.


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Thank you very much for the information. The Internet, and in particular sites like this, have made documenting the history of Disney theme parks as a collective effort (such as occurs on this discussion board and the recent site started by xfkirsten) possible.

We are fortunate to have so many knowledgeable people meet here to exchange information. It is unfortunate that Jack Wagner is not here to weigh in on these issues and questions.

Hopefully someday a resourceful person (wish I had the contacts myself) will create a history of Disney theme park loops, that "background music" to our magic!

Thanks again for the information.