Earliest Paul Frees Tracks?

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Not music related, but perhaps of interest to other members of this board as well as myself ....
Paul Frees has become such an integral part of the vocal aspect of so many Disney attractions, yet it seems that many of those were actually voiced after Walt Disney's death.
So, my question is, how much vocal work did Frees do for the Disney Company while Walt Disney was alive and would have actually reviewed and approved of the work?
The most obvious example would be the narration for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, but that was not character work.
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Not theme park related necessarily, but Paul Frees did many narrations and character type voices for the Disney television show in the 1950s and 1960s. Most notable among that work was his performances as the voice of Ludwig von Drake, who appeared with Walt in the opening segments of the Wonderful World of Color from time to time.


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Fractured Flickers was a Jay Ward production, not a Disney production. It was a television show that ran from 1963-64 with Hans Conreid as the host. Basically what it did was they took old silent movies and dubbed them with silly and humorous dialogue. Frees and actress June Foray did many of voices. For instance, Dr. Jekyll from Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde became a chemist who wanted to create the ultimate chocolate seltzer drink, and the Huncback of Notre Dame became a teenage cheerleader. It saw such a hilarious.
But getting back on topic, Frees actually did do vocal work on Pirates Of The Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion when Walt was alive. Frees recorded all the Pirates Of The Caribbean voices in 1965, and started doing demos for the Ghost Host in early 1966.


Frees also did several LP's for Disneyland Records, including SONGS OF THE SHAGGY DOG (1959), PROFESSOR LUDWIG VON DRAKE (1961) and BIG RED (1962).