DVD today - Ducktales, Rangers, 5 Mile!

Rich T

Just a heads up for those who hadn't heard -

Vol. 1 of Ducktales episodes 1-27 hits DVD today (Nov. 8 ). It's about time! :)

Also released today -

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Vol 1.

Five Mile Creek - Season One! Yes! Best Disney Channel Show Ever! (Back when the Disney Channel actually appealed to the whole family)

Happy Viewing! Disney Channel may be awful right now, but at least DVD's filling the void!

- Rich

X-S Tech

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Happy about Ducktales. Still one of the best Cartoons ever.

Now if we could just get them to release "Welcome To Pooh Corner" and "Dumbo's Circus"...
I picked up both Chip & Dale RR & Ducktales at target today but was rather bothered by a few things. First, its not season 1 but a collection from various seasons, sorta "best of" episodes. Second, quality of both picture and sound were highly VHS to me. I am glad to have the set's but just wished for a little more from them, at least keeping the episodes in order!

Rich T

The sets aren't complete seasons, but they are presented in their original order, and all from season 1 (note the complete absence of Bubba, Dijon, and Fenton/Gizmoduck).

BUT...each set leaves out the five-part pilot "movies" which introduced the characters. Since these were among the very best stories, I hope they get released soon.

I share your pain over the video and sound, but at least they're solid - and not bad for a couple of 1980's shows! :) I was more bummed by the complete lack of extra features - you can't even re-watch the Narnia trailer from the menu! (Holy cow...a Disney release that *prevents* you from watching ads?)

Oh, well, the importat thing is that these shows are finally getting released. I hope the sets sell well: Ducktales is one of the most imaginative shows ever produced. Here's hoping for more soon!


I've got these on my birthday/Christmas list! I abolutely loved these shows - grew up with them, and have a serious case of cartoon nostalgia! ;D