DVD Extras Question


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Hi all,

I have not yet purchased the Pocahontas or Hunchaback of Notre Dame DVDs (I'm sure I will soon). Can anyone tell me if Pocahontas has the cut songs If I Never Knew You and In the Middle of the River, and whether Hunchback has 'In the Place of Miracles' and 'When There's a Moon'. All of these extras were on the laser disc version - but I'm having problems identifying whether these were transferred to the DVDs. Anyone know?

Also - does anyone know what extras are on the new 2 Disc Collectors Edition of Sleeping Beauty released in the UK this month?


The UK region 2 release of Pocahontas includes If I Never Knew You and In the Middle of the River.
The UK Hunchback DVD includes the unused film version of Someday (but not the 2 songs you mentioned).
I don't think any of them are included on the US region 1 DVDs.

The UK Sleeping Beauty extras are the same as on the laserdisc, except for the trailers.