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Can anyone tell me if Disneyland is ever referred to as "The Magic Kingdom" in parades or shows? Or is "The Magic Kingdom" ONLY used for Walt Disney World?



they use it throughout the park, particularly in live person spiels. increasingly they've said "walt's original magic kingdom" when they say it... but sometimes it's still just things like "enjoy your stay here at the magic kingdom"

as for parades and shows, no. not really. Though in the fireworks show Remember, since they use the clip from the train station, it says "Now leaving for a grand circle tour of the Magic Kingdom. booooard"
When DCA opened, they were referring to Disneyland (The Park) as The Magic Kingdom. (Check the Birnbaum book from that year to see what I mean, where they actually explain that from now on, the whole resort will be Disneyland, and the parks will be DCA and The MK.) But when it didn't catch on as quickly as they had hoped, they abandoned the practice. This was around the time (I think) that they went back to the original logo, too.
I agree, Bill.

And when all this was happening in 2001, I was saying "If Disneyland is going to be the Magic Kingdom now, then I'm calling the Magic Kingdom 'The Happiest Place on Earth'" lol


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And now there's the newly (as of yesterday) renamed "Disney Hollywood Studios", formerly "Disney-MGM Studios". Who knows if DCA will get a name change with it's makeover too.

I guess I don't mind the other "Magic Kingdom" style parks calling themselves "Disneyland", but it gets complicated when you call the whole resort "Disneyland Resort", whether in CA, Paris, Tokyo or Hong Kong. At least Tokyo dropped the "Land" part from their name. That wouldn't sound so hot in California though...actually, it doesn't really sound good on any of the other resorts. "Anaheim Disney Resort", "Paris Disney Resort", "Hong Kong Disney Resort" (well, that last one doesn't sound so bad). Anyway, I'm just rambling at this point...


disney already passed on harry potter and lord of the rings once and decided to buy power rangers instead. they weren't gonna get it for their theme park :p


^Don't know why they couldn't grab Lord of the Rings for the parks, but with Potter, there were supposedly issues with Rowling and her "iron grip". Rightfully so, I'm sure.
But I think Fitzgerald was in charge of WDI at the time, so I don't put it pass Disney that they screwed up either way.

As to the original poster, Disneyland was the first park so it got the nick name "The Magic Kingdom" or "Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom" first. Its tagline, or whatever you want to call it, is truly "the happiest place on earth" (though it's "Where Dreams Come True" right now, doubt that will last past Rasulo).

Technically, the park in Florida is called "Magic Kingdom" and don't think there is supposed to be a 'the' in front, sort of unlike Disneyland's moniker.
In the end, I don't think there is really any official way to look at it though, as it seems everyone comes up with something different.
The way I see it, Disneyland in CA is the original, "The Magic Kingdom" or more appropriately "Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom".
The park in Florida is "Magic Kingdom" with no 'the'. When it comes to Walt Disney World's overall tagline, I think "The Most Magical Place on Earth" is fitting, and kind of fits along the lines of the DL one. Similar but different. Some prefer "The Vacation Kingdom of the World". I guess that is ok too. Don't like it as much though.

What they need to do is stick with one thing and stop changing it every damn marketing campaign.
ok, I'm done...don't even know why I wrote this whole thing. haha

As for Park names, yes, it matters...but I am far more concerned with the actual future creative direction and substance of the park rather than the name. But hey, we're a superficial society so...


i was referring to disney passing on both franchises when they were being pitched as movies is all. passed on both of them, bought power rangers, and then went oh snap and then after passion of the christ brought millions of religious folks who wouldn't go to movies otherwise, they thought chronicles of narnia would be the answer to everything to make up for it :p

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Technically, the park in Florida is called "Magic Kingdom" and don't think there is supposed to be a 'the' in front ... The way I see it, Disneyland in CA is the original, "The Magic Kingdom" or more appropriately "Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom". The park in Florida is "Magic Kingdom" with no 'the'.

You better let the folks in Florida know. They've had 'THE MAGIC KINGDOM' emblazoned across the front of the Main Street Train Station since the park opened in 1971. ;)



ahh, yeah, you're right. forgot about that. :-[
From what I could remember, the guidemaps and other things with the name on it said Magic Kingdom, so I didn't think a 'the' was there. Didn't think of looking at the front of the park.... :-

DL had the nick name first regardless.

as for parades and shows, DL I don't think really used it that much (as a guess). They used "Disneyland" alot though in parade/show lyrics.

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I noticed that when the park closed tonight (DL that is) the announcement refers to it as the Magic Kingdom.


it's just a slogan that gets used at random to fill in spiels without sounding repetitive about Disneyland Where Dreams Come True


For the record, Disneyland Paris is also called "Magic Kingdom" in certain spiels that date back to 1992 and in publicity material from around the time when the studios opened... before they settled on "Disneyland Park."

Also, it's increasingly used to refer to the "type" of theme park that's represented by the first parks around the world (i.e., the parks with a castle in the center, variations of the original lands, and possibly surrounded by a train).


From an official Disneyland Resort Style and Nomenclature Guide:

* The term "Magic Kingdom" may be used as an occasional way of describing Disneyland? Paris theme park and Disneyland? park. Acceptable descriptions of Tokyo Disneyland? park are "The Kingdom of Family Dreams" and "The Kingdom of Dreams and Magic."

The style guide also clears up the question of "Magic Kingdom" versus "The Magic Kingdom" by stating that the park names should always be used as an adjective, and in context where a geographic location is indicated, always mark with the word "Park."

Jeff Kurtti's "Since the World Began" offers up this explanation:

"The Magic Kingdom is, and always has been, the name of the Disneyland-style theme park that was the cornerstone of the original Walt Disney World Phase One development. Although Disneyland is also sometimes secondarily called "Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom," this has never been Disneyland's "official" name.

I'm a nerd and have always been fascinated with "official" nomenclature, Disney and otherwise. :p


Tokyo Disneyland (adjective) park (noun) and Hong Kong Disneyland (adjective) park (noun) are the "official" park names. Disney itself is horribly inconsistent with the usage of its own names.


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Hey, Bill, there's an article on Miceage about the Disneyland Railroad "hat badges" that were used to identify the crew.


On one of the badges created in the 70's, they used "Magic Kingdom" on them instead of "Disneyland". So, that was one instance of it being in print officially at the park. Now, it was probably done for cheapness, since it was also used at the Magic Kingdom in Florida...but still.


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As for Disneyland parades and shows using the term "Magic Kingdom",

One of the cavalcades that ran after "Parade of the Stars" ended but before the premiere of "Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams" was called "Mickey's Magic Kingdom Celebration." It ran in the first half of 2005.

During Disneyland's 40th Anniversary, they had a stage show at Tomorrowland Terrace called "The? Magic Kingdom Cabaret" featuring 4 singers/dancers with Disney characters.