Dreams really do come true!!!


Hello, my fellow Disney music fans!!

I apologize for my disappearance from the discussion board over the past few months. It?s been really crazy around here and I?ve been waiting for some news to share with you all.

Let me just say, DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE! I am so excited to tell you all that I am now a REAL Disney composer!! About two months ago I received a call from Jonathan Barr (my favorite park composer) and he ask me to write a piece for the Disney Cruise Line!!! The piece is called ?Adventures Away? and it plays at the castaway show and will serve as the theme song for the cruise. You can also hear it before the other stage shows in the Walt Disney Theater throughout the week. I actually just found out from Jonathan that it premiered this past weekend!! I really hope somebody can get a video of the song so we can actually hear it in context. I've never taken a Disney cruise (or any other cruise for that matter), but I think my entire family and I will be taking one soon!

Thanks so much for letting me share my excitement with you. Look forward to chatting with you all again! ;D

Have a wonderful day,


Welcome back to the board Rick! So glad you were able to share your great news with everyone here. :D Good luck in all your future projects!
Dude!!! I'm so glad for you! God is good!! Your wishes, dreams and prayers are coming true. I'm so glad God put us together as friends. Miss you bro. Talk to you soon.



Congrats! :D

Now all you need to do is pushing for the release of the first "Official Album of the Disney Cruise Line". With the shows and the back ground music and your song there should be enough to fill a CD, which could be sold on both ships. Such "OA" might also be more attractive to guests than a single show soundtrack as released for "Twice Charmed".


Congratulations, Rick. You've worked and dreamed so hard for this! It's always wonderful to hear that one of the "good ones" got a break.