Dream involving Randy(Yeah, be afraid :P)


Yeah not a joke. Creepy I know ;) But I had a dream in which Randy Thornton made an appearance that Horizons and another friend thought was hilarious enough to post about ;)

So we were getting a sort of tour of some kind in this dark studio almost underwater or in space and this one woman was going to demo the new Tokyo theme for their 25th anniversary parade on her weird looking synthesizer. A decent sized group of us were huddled around her eagerly ready to hear it. Meanwhile off on another side of the room however, Randy was playing some old 1940s movie scores on his computer for the 2 or so folks standing around him and they were singing along loudly while the rest of us kept yelling at them to shut it so we could listen to the woman but they kept singing on louder and louder.

Ah the epic struggle of park music fans =) Rest of the dream involved me taking a bullettrain to Washington DC with some of my friends in the parade department because they didn't have to go to the audition tomorrow but I did so I was fretting because I wasn't sure how I'd get back in time. Speaking of which that audition is in 6 and a half hours why am I still up =P

Sorry Randy ;)