"Dream Along With Mickey" Castle Show


Let's see, ?Dream Along With Mickey?... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! The music is BEAUTIFUL. It definitely uses some music from ?Mickey?s Gift of Dreams? at TDL (which I love). I was so glad to hear ?Join The Party? and ?Make A Wish?!!

The new segments of this show were composed by Mike Avila. Great job, Mike!! How great was it to see/hear the old Kids of the Kingdom style again!? I really like how the vocals were tracked. It still used that tight Disney sound but was not so tight that it sounded like lip-syncing.

RECAP: Great show, incredible music!

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PS: YEAH for big, high Disney endings!!! So, that Eb at the end of the finale...... amazing! Such a Rick ending! :)
But where was the talking bag? ;D

I enjoyed the show, but the cynic in me was thinking "what a coincidence that everyone dreams of being a princess or a pirate just as Disney World gears up for its special Princess & Pirate Parties" ($39.95 + tax, coming soon! buy now!)

Feel the synergy!