Donald Duck's 50th Birthday Parade


With all these topics on new parades, I was wondering about this parade from 1984. Does anyone have a live recording (or anything) from this parade? I've heard a clip from a show called "In Search of Excellence" made in 1984 and I love what I've heard so far. I ripped the clip and it lasts 1:46 but with the narrator talking over it, I'll upload it somewhere if someone wants to host it. The clip includes Jack Wagner's announcement for the parade.

Info on the book series:

The video can be bought here (for $700!):
(You can see a preview of the video there)

More about the parade:


Thank you so much for that link! I haven't heard the "official" parade version since I saw it in person22 years ago (YIKES!). I've been setteling for the "Happy Birthday" track from Splashdance. While I have been looking for that music longer than any other piece of park audio, holy grail still remains WDW 15th parade, which I have a simular partial clip and a live recording. SOMEONE out there MUST have both of these parades or access to them. I hope they decide to share their treasures someday. :-
Well, I think I might be the SOMEONE out there who has at least one of the tracks mentioned above -- Donald Ducks 50th Birthday Parade. And, if I'm not mistaken, it's a good quality recording (not live, but from the rehearsal tape). It will take about a week to dig it up and post a link to the file.

Also, for those of you who are patiently waiting for me to make available the rest of my Disneyland 25th Anniversary Parade music, please bear with me and hang tight. The company I work for is consolidating with 2 other companies -- I'm overwhelmed and working a ton of overtime right now. I should have the 25th MP3's posted by the end of August. I'm slowly going through my old cassettes and finding a lot of great material that I will post here at MagicMusic.



Wow wow! I was wondering about that, but waiting patientlly, thanks for the news, CAN'T WAIT! :eek: