Does the Music Shop....

X-S Tech

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Not sure what you mean. I mean, sure if a CD is discontinued, but there are still copies at Disneyland's warehouse, the music shop would sell them. On the other hand, Disneyland seems to be very conservative when buying merchandise. They definately don't overbuy often, and usually don't carry anything unless they are sure that it will move well. Hence there are several high demand Disney products, some brand new, that Disneyland doesn't carry at all. They like to wait until the product has proven itself elsewhere in the market, other retailers etc... before they risk losing money on it. I guess it's fiscally sound, but it sure is disappointing when some great piece of Disney merch comes out and Disneyland doesn't bother to stock it.

What that all meant was that while Disney will sell whatever they have in stock, discontinued or not, you are more likely to find leftover copies at a larger more daring retailer like Tower Records, Target, etc....


I know that WDW sends some discontinued items to their outlet stores. Are there any similar outlets in CA?