Does HKDL NEED the Electrical Parade

As we all know EVERY Magic Kingdom has had the Electrical Parade as Nightime entertainment. WHY should HKDL need to have it . I say New Park, NEW parade. I think after the floats are refurbished @ WDW they should either be dismanteled for good or send some of the units to CA (and if they end up w/ two identical floats they have one for backup. If ANYTHING were to go to CA the Swans should come as I'm sure the guests will love them.


I think the Electrical Parade or some version of it (Spectro, et al) should be on the agenda for every Magic Kingdom-style park. Apparently the parks need more nighttime entertainment. They keep tossing the Disneyland and old Walt Disney World versions of the Main Street Electrical Parade around with nothing but positive crowd reaction. If they aren't willing to spend the money on a new parade (or can't come up with anything better than Light Magic) then I say bring it on.

I think instead of just refubishing the floats that they could make some fun and technological advancements to them. Maybe not to the extent of DreamLights (I assume that cost a bunch of money to build), but in some form. Personally, if they would rebuild one float in the parade I wish for it to be the Dumbo float. That one always bored me. Maybe incoproate the latest Pixar movie(s)? Ahh, I can only wish.


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Lord knows Disney LOVES to recycle. If they're cutting costs up the wazoo, why NOT bring the MSEP to HKDL, to show it to so many people who may never have? Even if floats have to be refurbished, it STILL has to be cheaper than starting fron scratch.

Then again, I don't know if the park is big enough to handle some of the floats .

Then again, I don't know if there will be enough people to stay all day to SEE a nighttime parade.



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i think HKDL will get the MSEP because each Disneyland had this Parade ,i know it's a old one but she will be also apriciate by the new guests who will Discover HKDL without HM, IASW , BTM .

So may be Disney can also make a new night time parade for that park , who had never seen before ?

you have the MSEP from Disneyland Paris ready to go out of the warehouse .