DLRP Once Upon A Dream Parade Starts Tomorrow!


Saturday the 24th!

As we eagerly await the cd release, enjoy some of those cool facts about the score, from dlrpmagic.com

something to hold everyone over until I can send the full thing:

A brand new song for the 15th Anniversary, written by Sunny Hilden.

Opening the parade and accompanying the show stops (when the floats stop and the characters interact with their audience), is a brand new theme song by composer Sunny Hilden. "Just Like We Dreamed It" is a totally original, lively and modern song, mixing the classic trademarks of a Disney parade song with a fresh style of electric guitars and drums.

Graduating the Disney parade song from classic "pop" to modern "pop rock", the song features both a male and female lead vocalist singing of their dreams coming true and the powerful effect of "dreaming them up" together. It was recorded in Hollywood, California, with recording produced by Marco Marinangelli, before being mixed with the rest of the parade music in the resort's own Le Studio Marne-la-Vall?e.

Upon the opening of the parade, an instrumental medley of classic Disney songs tied in to "dreams" and "wishes" plays, as the parade is introduced in several languages. As the music reaches a climax, the calm, dreamy, anticipation-building opening notes of "Just Like We Dreamed It" begin, with the whispering words inviting guests to "Come a little closer, Turn another page, In the story of what's waiting for you". Soon after, the full ensemble of drums and guitars kicks into gear and the song begins its first, restrained verse before the toe-tapping, catchy, guitar-filled chorus fills the air.

Themes from the song are also carried through several of the 'Once Upon a Dream Score' instrumental sections, most notably the opening section of the Dreams of Imagination score, where its chorus is presented in a jazz style. As the
parade comes to a halt for one of its four stops, the song returns in a new, shorter version featuring character voices.

Once Upon a Dream Score

An eclectic, up-beat and varied score for all seven Dreams, orchestrated by Steve Sidwell.

Each of the eight new floats features its own, unique and very charismatic score mixing the melodies of classic Disney music with a huge variety of instruments and styles. Each 'Dream' uses a different, overriding key instrument to identify itself, with the colourful and resonant score accompanied by vocals from a chorus group and real Disney character voices.

Dream-by-Dream Sounds

The music and the magic of this real-life Once Upon a Dream, its character, its style and its endless energy...

Dreams of Imagination
A colourful, jazzy, full-orchestra style modelled after the music of the grand Disney classics, featuring chorus lines from "Just Like We Dreamed It" and "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah".

Dreams of Laughter & Fun
A fast-paced, carefree mix of swirling choruses and zippily-paced beats bring new life to both the dreamy and the irreverent melodies of Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland.

Dreams of Friendship
Bouncy, welcoming jingles in the sweet, energetic, youthful style of Toy Story and Winnie the Pooh, this score, with a playful glockenspiel instrument as key, mixes the jingly, plastic modern of Toys with the storybook quirks of Winnie.

Dreams of Fantasy
The familiar tunes of Peter Pan and Mary Poppins are delivered with all the brassy pomp and circumstance you'd expect from two icons of London, with a dizzying, toe-tapping beat leading without stop from "Following the Leader" to "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".

Dreams of Power
The grand symphony sounds of Fantasia and the powerful drums of "Be Prepared" mix to create a punchy, confident score for the villains, with swirling strings and sharply pitched vocals from the chorus.

Dreams of Adventure
The majestic African plains are brought to life with a sweeping orchestra sound and ethnic vocals, whilst the swinging Jungle enjoys the speed and energy of drums and pure jazz for "I Wanna Be Like You".

Dreams of Romance
Dreamy elegance and a fantastical waltz take you from "A Whole New World" in the skies of Agrabah to the grand finale of the "Once Upon a Dream" through delicate strings and a harmonious chorus.


The entire music score features around 150,000 notes!

The prestigious Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London performed the 'Once Upon a Dream' score of each float led by Steve Sidwell - an orchestra of 70 musicians with 120kg of sheet music! The orchestra was recorded at Steve Sidwell's base in Angel Studios, Islington, London, over a period of 10 days.

Orchestra recording took 45 full hours of work, whilst the chorus vocals took 24 hours of recording time.

The character voices in French and English were recorded both in the homeland of Disney in California, USA, and at the resort's very own recording studio, Le Studio Marne-la-Vall?e. Characters such as Pumbaa join the sounds of the parade to bring new life to the characters and, on occasion, wish the park a "Bon Anniversaire!".

Many kilometres of recording tape are now replaced by highly durable and secure discs, each allowing up to 60GB of storage space. Each individual float score has around 130 different layers of recorded music, sound, vocals and voices.

Two sound engineers helped the mixing process, which took place at the resort's own Le Studio Marne-la-Vall?e facility from December 2006 onwards after all the pieces of the score and theme had been fully recorded.


A technical team of 4 people conceived and created the new broadcasting (speaker) equipment over 6 months, in close collaboration with the Director of Music, Vasile Sirli.

Spread across the 8 floats are 66 speakers and 22 subwoofers, playing the individual soundtracks from multi-channel readers on board each of the floats.

The entire system is synchronised by radio from the central sound control, ensuring that the elevated speakers along the parade route repeat the scores of the passing floats in perfect synchronisation. In parallel, a computerised system regulates the speed of movement of the floats and the exact position of the show stops.
I just love the song "JUST LIKE WE DREAMED IT" it truly captures the essence of this parade! However i am kinda sad of the choreography in paris! Its not like Walt Disneys Parade of Dreams, in California where the floats come to a hault and stuff happens where they are stationed!. But the floats are colorful, new, and very likeable!. Now i cant wait for the CD to come out! I hope its soon!