DLRP: new CD confirmed


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1999 the Disneyland Resort Paris released its so far only regular "offical album" like CD titled "Une Journee a Disneyland Paris" (A Day in Disneyland Paris).

Now finally the CD has been pulled from the stores after earlier rumors that a successor would soon be released.

Thanks to Colin, a fellow Disney fan, we (DLP.info) have been able to confirm with the Mail Order Department that the new CD will be released THIS month. Orders are already accepted.

So far no track listing has been released, but rumor has it, that the truncated version of the Wishes soundtrack used by DLRP might be included.

I'll keep you updated but you might also want to check out http://www.dlp.info/Guide/News-And-Rumours/


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Thanks Dirk, and yes, please keep us informed.

I'd love to see the full music for SM Mission 2 as well as perhaps a medley from Cinemagique. I assume that it will be a two park album now.

Dr. Know

I'd love to see the full music for SM Mission 2 as well as perhaps a medley from Cinemagique. I assume that it will be a two park album now.

Those are exactly the tracks I am hoping for, though I have been generally disappointed with DLRP's cd releases up to now.

Fingers crossed!


Sorry for the delay ... just back from my Tokyo trip and still sorting through all the new CDs (more about that in a post in the coming days) ... here the latest I got from DLRP: the release of the CD has been pushed back to mid August (so should be sometime these days) according to the mail order department.

More as soon as I get the information.


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September is here, and still no news regarding the updated DLRP cd... Just bumping this up. Dirk?



Well ... I guess this is the latest mistery at DLRP ... mail order took orders ... then stated the release date has been pushed back ... so far: NOTHING

It is getting ridiculous especially as according to first reports the CD is supposed to include the soundtrack of "Wishes" - which had its last performance for the year on August 28.

I am in DLRP again this weekend, maybe I'll get some new information. If so, I'll let you know.



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Just found a posting on a french site (Disney Forum Plaza) announcing the tracklist together with cover photo of the CD. On sale at DLRP 10.9.2005. Tracklisting as follows:

1. all arround the world
2. my oh my what a wonderfull day
3. paddlin?madeline home
4.grim grinning ghosts

5. cindy
6. phantom manor
7. big country theme
8. winter hoedown

9. musique traditionelle
10. yo ho
11. blow the man down

12. pays du merveilleux
13. all in the golden afternoon
14. small world

15. dancin?a catchy rythm

16. finale celebration
17. 20000 leagues under the sea

18. fantillusion theme
19. wishes

20. animagique- pre show
21. animagique- scene 1 (the studios)
22. animagique- scene 5 (lion king)
23. animagique song
24. cinema parade (opening window)
25. cinema parade (lights!!! camera!!! action!!!)
26. cinema parade (finale)

27. need magic

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Wow. No new Space Mountain music and nothing from WDS that hasn't been previously released. Anybody know what tracks 5,9,12, and 16 might be? The names don't look familiar.

Nice to see that they put something from Alice's Curious Labyrinth on there, even if it is something that DL has released on DLF before. That labyrinth was one of the highlights of the park to me. As a kid riding the Alice Attraction (and any other dark ride for that matter) you always want to spend more time in that environment instead of rushing through.

Thanks for the info.


5 is from the Hillbilly Trio, a band performing in Frontierland; 9 is from the African percussion group, 12 *and* 13 are both from the Easter "Alice in Wonderland" show, not from the labyrinth, and 16 is from The Legend of the Lion King.

The whole album is hugely disappointing; apart from the absence of Space Mountain.... Phantom Manor is still the old badly-mixed medley, nobody knows where in the park tracks 4 and 17 are supposed to play, Wishes actually just simply fades out after three minutes, the cover design is horrific, and there is hardly anything that hasn't been previously released in some way.

Why did nothing ever come of the idea of having Randy Thornton create an album for DLRP? They sure can use the help.


Re:DLRP: new CD confirmed & ANOTHER NEW CD!

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

there you go - I leave for DLRP for two days and promptly the new CD gets out ;)

To answer some questions: "Final Celebration" (track 16) is, as David already said, from "The Legend of the Lion King show" presented at the Videopolis.

About the cover design: it is worse than worse. Take a close look at the earfell tower in the photo. Yes, it says "page 1" there - and yes, this is not something that happened when the cover was scanned or worked on in a graphic program by a fan who took a photo. It is on the cover as sold in the stores!!

Ok but there is also some really good news. The same day as the "Disneyland Resort Paris en musique" the resort released ANOTHER new CD!!

It is a Halloween CD with 8 different versions of the Halloween song "It's Halloween-Lo-Ween" used as parade song and main theme of the festival. The CD has the same title as the song.

Here the tracklisting:

1 It's Halloween-Lo-Ween (as released in the last years)

2 Rocky Feeling Remix (as used for the fireworks during the Halloween party night in the Disneyland Park 2004)

3 Country Touch Remix (as played by live bands in Frontierland / Halloweenland)

4 Reggae Mood Remix (as played by live bands in Frontierland / Halloweenland)

5 Asian Vibes Remix

6 Techno Punch Remix

7 Dreamy Lounge Remix (all instrumental, no vocals)

8 Instrumental (but with Chorus vocals)

[9 Ghostly Remix (hidden bonus track, as on earlier releases)]

Actually this CD beats the new big CD, even so the cover design is strange once again (but not as bad as the CD mentioned above).

Interesting site note: since the mid-90s the resort has continuously running catalogue numbers for their CD releases but one number between the "Disneyland Resort Paris en musique" and "It's Halloween-Lo-Ween" has been skipped for some reason (EDDA-029).


Dr. Know

"Hugely disappointing" pretty much sums it up. Thanks, Dirk. At least I can save my money by not buying this one.


The Halloween CD is actually a very well done product which I applaud.

But I think the new main resort CD should not have gone on sale as it is. I am not speaking as a fan of Disney, Disney theme park and / or DLRP music here but from a more general point of view, from which I have several main concerns:

- the "page 1" printed on the center of the cover is amateurish and should be a reason to recall all remaining CDs to at least replace the booklet.

- the choice of material. I am not concerned that material from the last version of the main resort CD is included again or something we as fans would have loved to get is not included, after all a CD like this is aimed at the once in a decade guest who wants a musical memory. I am concerned about the choice because the CD includes to much BGM and atmo material that the normal guest will not notice. The normal guest usually wants material easily recognizable - and there is plenty of that left to release which is releasable as we know from the US and Japan releases: Swiss Polka from Treehouse, music from the organ of the Carousel, Casey Jr., Space Mountain Mission 2, Star Tours, ...

- the "Wishes" track. It really is just the instrumental version (without the dialoge) of the nighttime spectacular at DLRP - but it literally just fades out after a bit more than 3 minutes, right in the middle of a track. The producers did not even bother to find the end of a segment to fade out but fade out in the middle of a melody. This might be acceptable for something like press CD, as material there is only needed as short queues for reports, but not on a CD sold to the public.

Well, maybe they get it right in a few years time ... and yes, the resort could really do with someone to overlook CD production like Randy Thornton who has a track record to create OAs appealing to fans AND regular guests. A partnership with WDR should also allow DLRP to include more diverse material as e.g. Star Tours.