DLP Frontierland En Musique CD Question

X-S Tech

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Can anyone tell me where (if anywhere) the "Yellow Rose of Texas" track plays within Frontierland? My guess would be in the Steakhouse or the Lucky Nugget perhaps before the show. Just curious if it's actually used or just done for commercial release.


I have yet to find it, along with a few other tracks on the "Une Journ?e ? Disneyland Paris" CD (which is where the song was originally released).

I also guessed Lucky Nugget, as it has a honky tonk piano loop which it shares with Last Chance Cafe -- but so far I only ever heard Disney songs (in piano version) there.

Possibly it's a track that used to be played in the park in 1992, to be removed later, much like the somewhat.. err.. "unique" Tap Memoram Dance (also on "Une Journ?e"), which I suppose comes from the Adventureland entrance/bazaar loop before they put in snippets of the Aladdin OST instead.