DL Christmas Esplenade Loop

X-S Tech

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I don't think anyone has mentioned it here, but the DL Resort has been playing a new Christmas Loop in the Esplenade. Consists of the obvious stuff like Small World Holiday and HMH as well as more traditional tunes. Has anyone gotten an exact track list? It's funny that this loop didn't play for very long. I took friends to the resort in the first week of Dec, and they were still playing the normal loop. I didn't notice this new one until the following week, even theough Christmas decorations had been up for some time.


aCTUALLY i WAS THERE ON nEWS dAY and they WERE playing the christmas loop (I think it was Sleigh ride) I didnt stay to listen to the rest but I remember there was a difference from the normal loop....If id been alone I might have stuck around.


yes, during new years when I was there, there was a christmas esplanade loop, up to jan 2 i believe.

i only remember hearing the finale unit to parade of dreams, the first unit to christmas fantasy parade, some of haunted mansion holiday, and some other christmas tunes as well.


Ah, I'm late to this one (been busy enjoying winter break!) but I noticed this one last time I was there on 12/18. Tried to find out details, but as usual, couldn't find any help on that one anywhere in the park.

One odd track of the loop, though: the Parade of Dreams finale unit. Kind of odd, considering the other songs were Christmas-y! ???