DL box-set vs. Wonderland CD-on-Demand ; info needed !


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Hi everybody !

I have a few questions for people who own (or have precise information on) both the Disneyland 6-CD box-set AND the park-related CD's from the Wonderland CD-on-Demand line.

Are there any CD's from the Wonderland project that have become obsolete now that the box-set has been released ? I know a lot of you guys are completists (such as myself), but when it comes down to just the music : aren't there a few that are COMPLETELY covered in the brilliant "Musical History" set ? I'm especially thinking of "America Sings" and "Slue Foot Sue's Golden Horseshoe Revue". (Perhaps any others I forgot ?)

Can anyone help me out on this subject ?


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If your not worried about very minor mix differences the two you mentioned are about it. The Wonderland Tiki Room ALbum includes Thurl Ravenscroft narrating the Jungle Cruise, which is not on the 6 CD set, and the Country Bear jamboree Wonderland album also includes music from the Mile Long Bar, not included on the set. The Wonderland Mr. Lincoln album is distinctly different from the Set version.
But the America Sings LP though, would have the PC revised version of "Who Shot The Hole In Sombrero" compared to the un-PC original that's on the 6 CD set.

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No, I thought the Wonderland version has the Un-PC (also the original) version. As far as I understand that's the only version that was ever available on LP, even after the change was made in the show. DLF released both versions.
The original version which only played briefly after the program opened has "Who Shot The Hole In My Sombrero" done by a Mexican dog in a thick Mexican accent. Protests led to this being redone so that the song is now done by a Texas dog. It led to a change in lyrics:

-"Was it Pancho? From the rancho?
Did he do this because I kiss his wife?"

-"I can't figger, who pulled that trigger.
You don't reckon my wife could be back in town?"

Interstingly, the vocal on both versions I understand, was none other than Rex Allen, whom we know best of course from the original Carousel Of Progress.

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Perhaps they were internal protests. A couple of folks thought it was good one way, had it produced, and a few others at Disney didn't like it, protested, and got it changed.
Have we verified that the original LP of "America Sings" is the Mexican version? The reason I always thought otherwise is because I have a complete mp3 file of the entire program that I assumed came from the LP and its the revised version (this was not split tracks like the DL Forever ones).