DL 50th Anniversary boxed set CANCELLED


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Well, they could also be talking about the World's Fair set. The castmemeber may have been confused, becuase the tracks have certainly not leaked out for the DL 50th set, like that post said.
Re:DL 50th Anniversary boxed set NOT CANCELLED

Hiya Folks!

Just wanted to drop a note and let you know that the rumor about the Disneyland Boxed Set is false. The project has NOT been cancelled. As a matter of fact, I am in the studio this very minute working on it ? and have been for the last two weeks and for several weeks yet to come. Soon, you?ll be able to take a Musical Tour of Disneyland and read all about The Sounds of Disneyland for yourself.

Have a great weekend y?all!
Randy Thornton
Great to hear Randy...

Once you finish the set, will you return to the Wonderland Collection updates. I already purchased the complete set, and in waiting for the next bunch. :)
To MouseInfo - Yes, I will be returning to The Wonderland Music project when this 6 Disc, 2 Disc, and 1 Disc (National Release) as well as WDW Official Album are done.

**Special Note**
For Disneyland Guests, the Boxed Set will also include a re-production of the "Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland" in 12" Vinyl (Gold Vinyl). The NATIONAL release of the Boxed Set will not include this re-production. Yep, I said NATIONAL RELEASE ? Shortly after the debut at Disneyland (a brief window of exclusivity), the boxed set will be available Nation-Wide.

For xfkirsten - The release date could be as early as mid-April, but definitely by 05/05/05

Randy Thornton
"as well as WDW Official Album are done".

(OT) ... Randy, is it possible that you meant " Albums" ... If it is, you made my day, month and year!

As much as I am looking forward to the DL Box Set, I'm also eagerly awaiting the WDW Official "Albums".

I'm thinking that this is shaping up to be the best Disney Audio release in history (DL Box Set, WDW Official Albums and Wonderland update). I can only hope that the "Forever" system at WDW, might get some type of update or possibly Wonderland.

Thanks for your time and "Happy Mardi Gras",



Sorry for the misinformation everyone.

yeah, right! ;)

Actually, I almost had a heart attack there! ;D First the Worlds Fair disc now This?

but YAY its all untrue ;D


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Ok, I'm kind of confused by this.

The Disneyland boxed set will be 6 discs, and the one sold at Disneyland will have a special reissue of the "Walt Disney Takes you to Disneyland" on gold vynl?

Then, there will be a 2 disc set of some kind? Is that the regular Disneyland Official Album that's a pared down release of the boxed set? What is it?

Then there will be a single disc something? Is that another Official Album, or something different? I had assumed that you meant that the single disc would be the thing to be released nationwide, but you cleared that up a few posts ago. So....what are these 2 and 1 discs in addition to the 6 disc boxed set going to be?



The Disneyland boxed set will be 6 CD, yes. The version sold at Disneyland will come packed with a bonus vinyl recreation of the Walt Disney Takes You To Disneyland, yes.
The 2 CD set will be a separate release which will be a condensed version of the box set. In other words, the ride-thru's will be shorter. Basically for the not-so-hardcore fans that don't want to spend $$$ on the big box set. If you buy the box set, you probably wouldn't need to buy the 2 CD set.
The single CD version is just for the tourists that just want a simple souvenir. It will just be highlights.
In other words, you won't have to buy all 3 sets to get all the material. You have the option to buy as much or as little as you want. If you want all the audio, just buy the 6 CD set. If you want 2 CDs worth of material only, get the 2 CD set. Same with the 1 CD set. The 2 and 1 CD sets will most likely include material already on the 6 CD set. Choices, choices....
I assume if you are in a Disney music chat room, you are enthusiastic enough to want the 6 CD set.
Assuming all goes as planned, if you buy the 6 CD set, you won't need to buy the 2 or 1 CD set. (unless you are a hardcore fan and also want shorter edits of the complete soundtracks offered on the 6 CD set.
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Is the 6 disc set gonna be available anywhere online or am I gonna have to call DelivEars to get the set in my grubby little mitts?


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Well, if it's a nationwide release, I imagine you'll be able to go pretty much anywhere like Tower, Virgin, or Barnes & Noble to get it. I'm sure Amazon would carry it too. It sounds like if you want the collectible LP you'll have to order it directly from Disneyland. At least that's what I assume...and I know I should never do that....

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I find it absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G that Randy has made this what it is. Can you believe that it will be released nationally? And that there are so many versions? This seems like the thing that Disney would just keep chipping away at until we had a new 1 disc special album maybe with a lenticular cover.

Like I said, absolutley amazing.