DL 50 theme song

X-S Tech

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I found this on the Laughing Place Discussion Board. There's an mp3 of the demo for the theme song for the 50th anniversary. It looks pretty authentic though who knows what will happen in the next 2 years. Heck it'll probably play more at WDW than DL.


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Well....it's interesting. Very "majestic" or something like it, but it doesn't say "Disneyland" to me. It sounds like something that would go along with 50 years at the movies or something else.
If this is the theme song they intend to use I hope they leave it as an instrumental because it doesn't seem like a song that could have lyrics w/ it.

Dr. Know

I think its terrific! :) I love the way Walt's 'welcome' from the grand opening is incorporated into the finale.

I only hope that the powers-that-be respond favorably to this demo!

I also thought it was cool of this composer to make his work available to us all. :)
I also think this theme is terrific. Historical sounding, yet the guitar brings it up to date. I can hear a version of it with words for shows or whatnot. Just a fantastic job, and I'd also like to thank the composer for sharing it!