Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade Released!

hey guys,
EXCITING NEWS TODAY! The new theme song "Just Like We Dreamed It" from Disneyland Pari's Once Upon a Dream parade has been released to the general public!!!! Written by Sunny Hilden, it has been released as one of their singles! And it includes 2 versions the musical version and instrumental versions! And i found out the Bruce Healy had some credits to do with it! way to go ! This song is just fantastic! GET YOURS NOW! contact DLRPDEliverears!!!
A Double CD "15 Magical Years" should be released in the next week or so as well as the single. Each CD is almost 80 minutes long, no track details as yet, but I have the CD arriving soon and I shall post asap.

Have a magical day!



There is word of a parade cd as well-

that would make: 2-disc anniversary cd
Parade cd
Just like we dreamed it cd single (already out)


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Hello! I live in San Diego Ca. How can I buy a copy of this cd single????
I looked on some cd sites and no luck, does delivEARS have an online site?

Where to call?
Where to log on?