Disney's On the Record

I just had the opportunity to see Disney'S On The Record. Its a cute show, not ready for Broadway (it will end its run this summer) but the music was amazing! I wouldn't spend the 70 dollars to see the show again however i put my name on the list for the musical CD. It did offer a sneak peek into how the music for the upcoming "little mermaid on Broadway" and "Tarzan on Broadway" will transpire onto the stage.
The show it self has a small plot. There is no dialogue, the story is told through the use of Disney music. There is only one costume change at the end and there are only a few props and only one set. After seeing Lion King and Beauty I guess i was expecting a little more.
The performers are some of the best and to hear a new voice singing some of the best Disney music brought chills at several points of the show. "Ashley Brown" has the perfect Disney Voice. Her performance of Reflections and a Dream is a Wish Your heart makes, were amazing! I am sure for those who have not see the show, BUY the CD, I am sure you will love it!