"Disney's Lost Chords" Volume 2

Since I mentioned that Russell Schroeder has published another spectacular book filled with rare artwork and deleted songs from Disney films -- but neglected to explain how to purchase one -- I googled and found that there is now a site where you can download an order form and get a copy direct from Russell:


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Russell was signing copies of his books at the NFFC Convention at the Regal Sun Resort (Downtown Disney area) last weekend. What a major disappointment most of the Disneyana vendors were... nothing but absolute junk! You were better off attending Celebration's community-wide porch and yard sale going on during the exact same time (and with no admission fee).


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Yes, a companion CD would be great! I've always wanted Disney itself to do a "demo" set. I was happy when they released a lot of that kind of stuff with the "Music Behind the Magic" boxed set, but I'd love a set of nothing but unused stuff. They've reconstructed some of it for the DVD releases, so putting it on CD in some form shouldn't be too hard.

I also agree with Bill about the "boutique" publishers being hard to keep up with. Sometimes they fly way under the radar too, so by the time you do find out about a limited run, it's done. It's hard enough to keep on top of the Disney published stuff!


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Oh, and Bill, I'm curious what you meant by the SpikeTV comment. What did they do? Since they're Viacom owned, I wouldn't be surprised by anything...

Oh, and speaking of which, we're going through a box of Beavis & Butthead cels right now that were stored horribly. It's obvious nobody around here actually cares about archiving anything....we found a cigarette butt wedged between cels in one box!
Bill said:
I was disappointed that there wasn't a CD accompanying the first volume. Even though I play the piano, it would have been nice to hear the melodies, a handful of which are available via various laserdiscs and DVD extras.
from the Lost Chords Website: "These lost Disney songs have received successful live promotional performances. A pre-publication preview featured Disney songwriter Michael Silversher at Seattle's EMP Museum in November of 2006."

Bill, not sure if you heard the recording from the EMP event when we had it on MountainEars. If interested I can post it again or I can edit just the songs and send to you. Michael sang several during Russell's presentation.



THANK YOU, makeminemusic for posting so many downloads to great Disneyland Record recordings of the past, many of whom I never knew existed! (I LOVE the America the Beautiful one!)

That makes for fun listening and brings so many positive vibes (And Xylophones!) to this forum!

Let there be MUSIC!


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Bill said:
I designed characters for a SpikeTV pilot called "Strays". It was a pet project for Wesley Snipes. Evidently, he liked my designs, but I was never paid for them. It was Spike's contention that because I didn't do 3 rounds of revisions (they only requested 2), they didn't owe me any money. I hear Wesley has had some financial problems of his own. What goes around...

As for the Beavis cels, I think I got the best ones. As MTV Animation was closing, this stuff was piled in dumpsters and I helped myself.
Hmm...Spike is kind of cheap. We're doing a project for them right now...ahem, well we WERE doing a project. They dumped about 20,000 tapes on us to enter into our system. It was all NASCAR footage, and very poorly marked...so it was tedious. Half our staff was put on it, which made everything else back up. Needless to say, Spike was too cheap to pay for it, so at one point we were having to find creative ways to get the stuff done. Last week it came to a grinding hault because Spike didn't want to pay anymore. So, I can see how you feel about them. I wonder if they were like that before Viacom bought them, or they inherited that behaviour? :)

As for the B&B cells, yeah what we have is just random scenes...like Beavis copying his butt, or someone picking their nose. All of them are in folders with lots of Korean on it though.