Disney's Leading Park Music Vocalist Releases Her Solo Album!


Hello, everyone!!!

I wanted to let you know that the Disney park music diva--Disney?s leading soprano studio vocalist: Michelle Amato has recently released a solo album!!! Her voice can be heard on just about EVERY park recording from WDW, DL, TDL, DLP and HKDL from the past 20 or so years! (Some examples: ?Everyday?s A Holiday?, ?Remember The Magic?, ?Mickey?s Very Merry Christmas Parade?, ?Wishes?, ?Tapestry of Dreams Parade?, ?Reflections of Earth?, ?Share A Dream Come True Parade?, ?Dreams on Parade? and ?Dreams on Parade: Moving On? and so, SO many more!!!) Michelle was also sang soprano in Voices of Liberty!

You can read more about Michelle at her website:

Her solo album is titled, ?I?m All Smiles.? It?s a great CD with really awesome arrangements and beautiful vocals. One of the things I love about Michelle?s voice is that it not only sounds incredible when it?s stacked in the park music, but it?s equally as beautiful when she sings solo. Her CD is a great way to finally hear the voice of the Disney park music singing solo.

Here?s a link to purchase the CD:

Have a WONDERFUL day!


I just listened to the samples on the site. Awesome! It's nice to hear the voice of Disney sing by her self. Has Michelle ever released any other CDs? I'd really like to hear more.