Disney's Boardwalk Area Music


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The main area music loop (Zone 1 - Big Band) plays as you enter the building, throughout the lobby, in The Belle Vue Room, Dundy's Sundries, the first floor restroom, and in Thimbles & Threads.

There are other "zones" throughout the resort. Here are the ones I have noticed so far:

Zone 2: Luna Park swimming pool. I heard Heart of Glass from Blondie and decided I didn't need a reference recording of this zone. :)

Zone 3: The Boardwalk - Big Band. This loop is different than the lobby music. I heard Black Market Stuff, Stardust, In a Sentimental Mood, and Sleepy Lagoon. I made a reference recording, but I haven't analyzed it yet. This loop runs approximately two hours.

The Zone 1 loop runs 02:00:23 and is comprised of 40 tracks. I've spent no time yet trying to find the source CDs.


[The completed BoardWalk/Zone 1 loop can be found in the Playlists section. —Admin]

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