Disney's Aulani Pool Area Music?


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So, has anyone been able to identify any tracks on an Aulani background loop (not the lobby music, I'm talking about the music you hear by the pool and in the elevators)? I know about Keali'i Reichel doing the music for the Maka'Ala (lobby); the CD that is only available in Japan.

My family and I were there in October, but we were so relaxed that it didn't occur to us to record any of the music until we were on the flight home. D'oh!

I actually wrote to Guest Services and asked if anyone knew the songs, but I don't suppose Disney would want to make it too easy for me to re-create that resort-like atmosphere in the chilly Midwest.

I didn't know if anyone (who had a large amount of Polynesian style music) had started deciphering the tracks.



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Hi, sorry for the late reply but I'm new here. If I recally correctly, there are four separate loops that I've identified: the lobby music (available on Music of the Maka'ala), the elevator/pool music, and the music of Waikolohe Valley itself (a day/night loop). I'm not sure which loop you're talking about but I have a partial list of the Waikolohe Valley loops that still have large gaps in them but I have been able to identify fair amounts of both loops.


As of 2018 at least, the Lava Shack has its own loop as well, playing from the vintage radio - definitely more classic songs, not the contemporary music you hear in the pool area.

I believe the elevator and pool music loops are separate; the elevator plays the Hawaiian versions of Disney songs, while the pool music is songs by contemporary Pacific Islander artists.


In terms of specific IDs:

The Maka'ala music is available digitally - it's a really great album on its own, definitely recommend just as a solid work of music.

Much of the Elevator music music is available digitally and on physical CD, as the 'Mele from Aunty's Beach House. I don't think the CD is complete but believe it contains most of the loop.

Lava Shack Snack Shop
  • "Aloha Ku'u Pua" by Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs
  • (more missing)

Resort-wide loop
  • "Mekanani Kaupo" by All Star Hawaiian Band
  • "Kekahao'iolani" by 'Ale'A
  • "E Na Punahele" by Kaukahi
  • "Maui Hawaiian Sup'pa Man" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  • "Nani Wale A Ka Mahina" by The Kahauanu Lake Trio
  • "Pene Iho, Pene A'e, Penei No" by Mailani
  • (more missing)